Foot Tattoos – 3 Serious Drawbacks and 3 Killer Tips

Why are foot tattoos so popular?

Indeed, they were not very common in the past, but they are becoming nowadays more and more popular. This is due to their outstanding sensual and exotic attraction.

Besides, such kind of art is more liked by women who take better care of their feet starting from the toenails. It is really rare to find men who are interested in such kind of designs.

However, there are 3 serious drawbacks here!

  • The process of healing is relatively slow.

As a consequence of this drawback, one must be patient and careful before serious problems start to arise. Otherwise, you will be involved in laser therapy that costs too much money. In addition, going for laser therapies will not be that pleasant experience.

  • Infection risk is relatively high.

In fact, there is no huge difference between this kind of art and a cut, which is prone to infection unless you take full care. For a novice with no experience, it could be a hard and time consuming experience.

  • It is a seasonal art.

Principally, people are interested in painting figures on their feet to make them look much more attractive. Consequently, it does not make any sense to wear leather shoes that hide the beautiful drawings painted on your feet.

Hence, this kind of art is a seasonal one. It does not fit perfectly for a cold winter when it is a must to wear leather shoes and, even in some cases, thick socks that will rub continuously against your foot tattoo.

Do foot tattoos need an extra care?

Yes, an extra care is absolutely needed from your side. This is especially true when it is compared to other parts of the human body.

In the real world, feet come in contact with foreign objects more often than any other parts of the human body. Specifically, your feet are usually directly supposed to the dust, dirt, etc.

On the other side, for example, your lower back is protected from dangerous contacts unless it is really done on purpose. And that is why you should pay full attention in case you have any paintings on your feet.

How to take care of your foot tattoo?

For the first few hours after the session has been ended, the drawing should be wrapped in a bandage. Once it is opened, a mild wash in warm water is really a good idea to keep your drawing clean.

However, the drawing should not be rubbed. Rather, it should be dried by a soft and wet towel. In this context, I have a very good tip for you.

It is strongly recommended to use an ointment as this will help you to keep your drawing moist as well as clean. Ask your artist to recommend one for you.

Here are 3 golden tips to take care of your foot tattoos.

  • Keep them supposed to dry air.

It is really a good idea to keep your foot subjected to the dry air. The last thing you need to do is to wear leather shoes, or thick socks. They will rub against the drawings continuously. As a consequence, the figures will look really bad.

This is the reason why people usually go for this art in summer rather than in winter. However, if it is a must to wear leather shoes, then keep wearing soft socks to reduce the direct friction.

  • Try to avoid the sun light.

A tattoo should not be exposed to the sun light too long. This would consequently lead to the colors fading. It is also recommended to roll up your trousers as much often as possible to avoid any irritations.

Additionally, stay away from wool trousers due to their high friction against the drawings.

  • Avoid swimming for a long time.

It is true that a qualified expert will not leave any susceptibility to infection. Nevertheless, you must avoid swimming for a long time. Generally, it is a good idea to stay away from keeping in contact with the water for more than 30 minutes.

Where should you look for designs?

Search wherever you like and fetch each design you can find. However, I strongly advise you to go for online designs. They offer a wide range of varieties according to your taste and the type of impact you want the drawing to have.

It is worthwhile here to mention a one nice exception. A lot of people are interested in getting original designs, which offer an exclusive look. A typical example would be a signature, or a quotation.

Keep this point in mind.

If you are a good friend of visiting international games, then you should go for patriotic designs. However, avoid painting them on your feet.

Having other attractive designs, like dolphin tattoo designs, on the shin and feet could really make people jealous of you.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Foot tattoos offer an outstanding idea to express your attitude and reflect your character. Additionally, they have their own connotation. For example, attractive floral designs could give the same effect as pair of anklets, except that these are more colorful.

Adding to this, having an attractive drawing on your feet offers -based on a personal experience- a fantastic feeling. In other words, it is really worthwhile to give this art a serious trial.

On the other hand, it is true that this art is a little more painful compared to other parts of the human body. However, the enjoyment you have afterwards drives a lot of people to try foot tattoos.

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