The Concept of Tattoos: A Quick Look!

When talking about Tattoos, the first thing comes in our mind is attractive designs that will stay with us forever. Tattoos are one of the most accepted forms of expression and art. If you go back to the history of Japan and India, you will find that tattoo exists, since ancient times.

However, Tattoo does not oblige itself to a distinct ethos. Today, there are many people who are inking their body, just for the sake of fashion. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have also inked their arms, legs, back and other part of their bodies to add a charm to their persona.

Tattoo is a popular body art in which colored ink is inserted in your upper skin layer with the help of special needles. Undoubtedly, this body art is marvelous and the artist who carried out the whole procedure is not only proficient but holds an amazing knowledge of creativeness and inventiveness. Though, before planning for a tattoo, always consider such design, which you think is worth inking. Many times tattooing device ruptures the skin and there are possibilities of skin infections too. So before going to add ink in your life, make sure that:

· Your Tattoo artist must have sufficient knowledge and is proficient in tattooing.

· He/she is professional and has ample knowledge in the field.

· Uses sterilized or fresh needles

· Uses good quality of ink

Tattooing is a famous and well-liked trend among the people of every age. It plays a vital role in one’s life; it can be a simple design or a refined merge of different designs and patterns.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to inking their body part. Where some people prefer temporary tattoos, some are interested to get inked permanently. In many countries, the favorite tattoo designs among the masses are Indian gods and goddesses. Also, there are many people who love to ink their or their beloved name on the body to show their obsession.

Having tattoos on any part of body not only make one feel stylish and exclusive, but are also used as social status symbol. I do have a Tattoo of Shiva eyes on my wrist, though it is not exactly what I was looking for, so planning for a cover up! When you first Tattoo is not up to the mark, it looks horrible. So, it is essential to keep three things in mind before going to wear any tattoo permanently – meaning, timing and right tattoo artist.

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Source by Triveni Thakur

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