The Evolution of Filipino Sculptures

Filipino sculptures have undergone an evolution in shape, form, content and mediums. Like other cultures the first sculptures created by Philippine native cultures were primitive. These primitive sculptures utilized native materials like stone and clay. The sculptures created depicted normal life and acts of worship. Colors were limited in these primitive sculptures. The transitional sculpture […]

Basic Concepts of Art Deco Interior Design

People will think it is fun working with art, especially if we are arranging something for ourselves. Colors, clean lines and bold prints are very interesting to be mixed. If you are planning to redecorate your entire home or only a room, it is useful to know about the basic concepts of art deco interior […]

Sacred Tattoos – Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring

Tattoo aficionados, curiosity seekers, and skeptics wanting to receive progressive insights that can positively transform their lives and shift perspectives about the world of sacred tattoo art, need a doorway to that deeper understanding. We take a relevant journey through uncharted waters in revealing insights that take Dr. Masaru Emoto's concept of molecular restructuring of […]

Start a Scrapbooking Business of Your Own

There is a growing global demand for the preservation of memory in the most unique and wonderful way. And scrapbook is the answer to that demand. Arguably the fastest-growing home business in the US, the scrapbook industry today is generating revenue of US $ 2.55 billion per year – the number may double if we […]

How To Make A Beautiful Candy Paint Job

Close your eyes and imagine a radiant candy orange sports car glimmering at a car show. Now picture yourself in a gallery and you open your eyes to see the most beautiful sunset painting with a silhouette of palm trees in the background. Today I’m going to tell you how you can make a beautiful […]

An Introduction To Vending Machines

The very first vending machine was said to have been invented by Hero of Alexandria, a 1st century inventor. His machine accepted a coin and then dispensed a fixed amount of “holy water.” Basically, a vending machine is a machine that dispenses merchandise after a customer deposits money. Vending machines have a currency detector which […]

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