How Many Tattoos Does Lil Wayne Have?

Along with Lil Wayne's astounding musical career, much conversation about this famous rap star has focused on the stunning tattoos that brand his body. Some people do not like the tattoos and many others find them a work of art. Whatever your opinion may be, one thing for certain is that he definitely generates a lot of controversy along with album sales.

When searching the internet blogs and websites, you will find many different answers to the amount of tattoos Lil Wayne actually has. Reports have included 59, 103, and 364. He definitely has a lot of tattoos. Perhaps keeping the total number of tattoos unknown provides more intrigue to the rapper.

There has been much discussion about the meaning of the three teardrops which he has tattooed directly below his eyes. These tattoos have had a number of interpretations. Some people say that the teardrops represent the number of people the person has killed. However, Lil Wayne has clearly reported that he has never killed another person. Others have suggested that the teardrops may represent three of his close friends who have died, given that he has two tears below one of his eyes and one tear below the other eye. It may represent two separate instances when his loved ones died. The other meaning of a tear tattoo is the number of years one has served in prison. Lil Wayne has served time in prison.

Lil Wayne has a tattoo of a letter "C" tattooed in between his eyebrows. Some people have said that it means Carter which is his last name. Others have said the C represents 'Cita', for his mother. Some people suggest that the C may also mean that he is a Christian. He got the C tattoo right after he got out of jail. There is a cross above the "C" that may indicate that he believes in God.

He has the word "fear and God" on his eyelids. He also has a red tattoo above his right eyebrow which reads "I am music." Lil Wayne has said that he has a deep love for music and he owes his success to a lot of people who work in the business.

Other Lil Wayne tattoos include:

-Apple and eagle on his stomach
-A gun on his palm
-A bird on his right shoulder for Birdman
– "Cash Money" on his stomach which is his record label
– "17" on his abs which represents 17th ward of New Orleans.
-The New Orleans symbol on right ear which is the Fleur de Lis
– "Hot" on one hand and "Boy" on the other hand which is a group that he was a member before going solo.
-A prayer on his back
– "Lucky Me" under his left ear
-The initials BM and then JR on either sides of his navel mean Birdman Junior
-The names "Baby" and "Slim" on each shoulder representing the two people who helped him into rapping.
-A Rolls Royce symbol on his left bicep.
– "Nae Nae" on each of his forearms representing his daughter.
– "W" and the name "Weezy" on the right side of his neck which represents his nickname.

Lil Wayne is one of the most famous rappers and his music and tattoos represent his emotions, opinions, and experiences. His fans around the world love his unique style and talent.

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