The 5 Fundamental Laws of Creativity

Whatever your favorite ways of creating are, there are powerful principles that everyone who's creative (and by that I mean everyone on the face of the planet) can be aware of to help them be as creative as they can possible be.

Here then are the 5 Fundamental Laws Of Creativity:

1. Ideas are the root of all creating. Everything we create begins with a spark of an idea. Creativity defined in its simplest terms is bringing stuff into being that wasn't there before. That starts in the mind with a phrase, an image, a theory, or a melody.

Without any ideas, there's nothing to build upon, no raw material to sculpt into beautiful shapes that will bring meaning to you and those who discover them. By having in place techniques for keeping a steady flow of ideas, you'll always have plenty of starting points to create from.

2. Creativity is not just about making art. Most of the time when we say: "I'm just not creative", what we're REALLY saying is: "I haven't written 3 novels this year" or "I haven't painted 17 pictures and held an exhibition in a national gallery ". We have lofty expectations of what being creative means that deflate us before we even begin.

Creativity is not just making art. It's a way of being, thinking, seeing and doing. You're creative in how you tackle problems at work, how you decorate your home, how you develop your relationships, how you nurture your garden, how you organize social events, and a thousand other ways. Recognise every tiny creative act that makes up your thriving creative life.

3. Your beliefs define the limits of your creativity. You will only ever be as creative as you believe you can be. Your beliefs are a glass ceiling on your creative achievements, so if you don't really believe you're very creative, then your behavior will mirror that, and yes, you won't be very creative.

Take stock of all the beliefs you hold about creativity, and write them out on a sheet of paper. Think of beliefs about creativity in general, as well as about yourself and your abilities. Once you've written all you can think of, take a look through. Are these a collection of positive beliefs that will support you in creating to your full potential?

4. The more creative you are, the more creative you are. This law is simple – creativity breeds creativity. Being creative is all about flow, and as soon as you hit your stride in creating, it becomes so effortless you forget you're even doing it. But, like rolling a giant snowball, it seems incredibly difficult to get that momentum started, especially if you haven't created regularly for a while.

The key here is to create little and often. Setting aside just 15 minutes each and every day, and beginning with bite sized projects that aren't going to completely overwhelm you, is a great way to start. As your creativity begins to flow, you can then gently increase the amount of time you spend each day, and the size and complexity of the projects.

5. Encouragement boosts your creativity to new levels. You can only be so creative on your own. If it feels like your forever creating in a huge vacuum and you don't know if anyone knows you're creating, let alone cares, then your creativity will grind to a standstill.

The answer is to get support from other creative people who relate to the kind of triumphs of struggles you experience in your own creative live, and can be there to encourage you as you go. These days it's easier than ever to find groups and communities online and offline that can boost your creativity many times over.

Follow these 5 fundamental laws of creativity and you'll set yourself up for a lifetime of flowing and abundant creating!

Pick one of the above that you feel you can enhance in your own life, and take the first step in boosting that specific area right away.

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Source by Dan Goodwin

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