Can Art Take You Places?

Our mind is a blank canvas until art makes us put our mind to work. We have all heard the notion that making a career as an artist is extremely difficult and you cannot do it if you are broke. However, arts is a field which branches out into many sub categories and that precisely allows you to identify your niche. There are illustrators, graphic designers, copywriters and all sorts of artistic people out there who are doing justice to their arts degree. Here are some tips for art graduates to make it big out there as an artist:

Multitask: it is important as an artist to be able to multitask. Build your network, apply for awards and residencies, and do freelance work. All these will help you in establishing your profile and broaden your network.

Be active on social media: to find work as an artist, be active on social media. Show your work to the world and who knows where you may start getting projects from. Some social platforms provide an amazing way to market yourself online, and friends may recommend you.

Blog: one essential job of every artist should be to blog. Use that creativity to display your talents and your thoughts to the world. It will also help to generate ideas and become better with the feedback that you will generate.

Keep promoting yourself: you may be present online but there will be no point if you are unable to generate leads and no one knows about you. You must link all the content you post on various platforms back to your webpage or your website in order to have that effect. Be consistent and regular in your efforts.

Keep in touch with your peers: it is hard even for ambitious artists to make it out there by themselves. Keep in touch with your college mates and try to establish a critique group to analyze each other’s work. You can also inform one another of the opportunities.

Be prepared for struggle: although it is not impossible, but you must prepare yourself for the struggle. Do not give up on becoming an artist if that is your passion and that is what you would like to do. You can practice it as freelance until you get a more stable job as an artist. You can work to make your name in the market but remember that it will take time and the process is slow.

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Makler Heidelberg

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