ZARA Franchise: Invest in Your Future

When we look at the current market scenario where jobs are a scarce commodity as the economy is in a downward spiral, there is a big cause for concern. Therefore, it is of a paramount importance that we meticulously plan our future well in advance. For a middle class person like me, it’s a dream […]

Famous Michelangelo Inventions

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo are frequently compared across their careers to try to decide who was the most important artist from the Renaissance era. One aspect of their work to study is in that of invention, and it is here that Da Vinci holds the edge. This article will however give examples of how […]

Buying Modern Art Paintings For Your House

Buying paintings for your home is the first step in adding your personal touch to an interior decoration. Decorating your personal living space is a vital need; we all want to live in a space that makes us feel good and relaxed. Our homes are small havens and sanctuaries; Therefore displaying art in your home […]

The Appeal of Contemporary Art Tapestries

Since antiquity people have used textiles for all range of purposes. From blankets for warmth, to elaborate woven fabrics for commerce, they have been at the very center of human life. The need for textiles, combined with our desire to embellish the world around us, has given rise to a huge range of fabric based […]

The History of Rice Cookers

Rice has been a staple food of mankind across thousands of civilizations for almost as long as recorded history. As such, the cooking of rice dates back almost as far, which in essence requires the same basic principle steps today as it ever has. In short, the rice itself, hot water or steam and something […]

Different World Views of Art

Art through the centuries acquired different forms and conceptions. First of all there was naturalism, then developed romanticism, and then there was impressionism, followed by cubism, which was followed by surrealism and finally trends moved on to postmodern art. Here I would like to provide my understanding on various schools of art. Naturalism proceeded out […]

Sanity In A Psyche Ward

The most highly paid living artist lives in a psyche ward in Tokyo. When she stops painting or creating, she becomes suicidal. Her art therapy began while undergoing treatment for her mental illness. She has had visual hallucinations since she was a child and has been painting them ever since. Her recent exhibit in Washington […]

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