How to Have an Industrial Piercing That Will Stand Out

Industrial Piercing has become very popular today among both men and women. It is a combined form of self expression and facial art work. What make it especially unique is that it involved two piercing holes in the ear versus one with other piercing styles. Here is what you need to know about having an Industrial Piercing done, so it will stand out.

If you want your new industrial piercing to really stand out there are three things that must be done:

– It must be performed by a professional so it is done correctly with minimal chance of infection.

– The industrial piercing jewelry used must be of the highest quality like surgical stainless steel or titanium or 18 carat gold-for reasons that will be discussed.

– There must be adequate attention given to proper aftercare.

Why Industrial Piercing should be done by a professional

When having industrial piercing done you want to have it done by a professional that is experienced. You want to choose a piercer that operates under sanitary conditions. You also want one that knows what they are doing and has significant experience performing industrial piercings.

A skilled piercer will know that the industrial piercing is placed at the top of the ear and goes through the cartilage from one side to the other. The best piercers do this manually without the use of piercing guns. The use of a piercing gun can lead top scarring and will create wounds more suitable to infection.

The professional piercer will use a 14 gauge hollow needle that first pierces through the upper ear cartilage and then down through the bottom of the ear for the second piercing which is slightly diagonally and opposite to the first one. The two pierced holes are joined by a piece, usually referred to as a –straight barbell.

The procedure is a bit uncomfortable, usually done without any anesthesia. But a professional piercer will be able to talk through the procedure and ease any anxiety.

What is the best type of material to use for an industrial piercing?

The next big concern with a new industrial piercing is to prevent infection as the wounds heal. You always want to use the best material available for your industrial jewelry that is not likely to contribute to infection. That is why the following types of materials are most recommended for your jewelry: surgical stainless steel or titanium or 18 carat gold. It is also a good idea to use internally threaded barbells.

Industrial barbells that have the thread extending from the ball and allow for the screwing to take place inside the barbell are the most safe. The other type is where the thread is on the bar itself. This is a more dangerous style and can lead to tearing of the ear when jewelry is removed or put on.

What is important to have the best and safest healing process?

Complete healing for industrial piercings can take a while-so be patient. Depending on the person full healing can take anywhere from a few months to a year. A lot of how fast and successful the healing goes depends on how careful the person is and how well they take care of their piercings.

It is not uncommon for the person to experience throbbing and discomfort for several days following the piercings.

Care must be taken, especially in the first 2 weeks to keep the piercings very clean. You should resist the temptation to touch the area and clean at least twice a day with the sanitary products recommended by your piercer. In fact, do everything your piercer says to do to insure proper healing-don’t get lazy.

Try, as best you can, to keep your hair from making contact with your piercings. When you do have to touch the area make sure you have washed your hands first to prevent the spread of infection.

After about three months, for most people, you will notice the ears healing up pretty well. You have been through a lot and it is time to really flaunt your industrial piercings. Go out and select bar bells that reflect your personality and wear them with pride.

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