Japanese Tattoos – A Brief History

The traditional Japanese tattoos known as ‘horimono’ became very popular among the people of the 18th century or the Edo period. The most popular choices for the designs of the tattoos were the images from traditional water color paintings, picture books and woodcuts. Understanding the history and background is as important to experience and enjoy […]

How To Buy Paintings Online For Your Home

Your home is your sacred space, and it is necessary to decorate it well. This is necessary so that you look around your home and like what you see; it gives you that sense of being at peace in your own home. Home decor is very important for your family too. Everything in your house […]

Overcoming Artist’s Block (Part 1)

How many times does an artist stare down at that blank piece of paper thinking “What on earth do I paint – Where do I put my first mark?” More often than you would imagine! It happens to all creative people actually, from visual artists, designers, poets, through to musicians and writers. When this situation […]

What Goes Into the Making of Japanese Hand Fans?

Japanese hand fans, especially the folding fans, are easily cherished as an Asian masterpiece, a work of art, and gift for all occasions as not only do they represent the first folding fans ever made in history, they also flaunt exquisite craftsmanship and stylish versatility. While coming in different types, Japanese fans are, basically, a […]

Residential Painting Contractors

This is a professional who paints exterior and interior walls, the trim, and porches on a home. Professional residential painting contractors have specialized knowledge in knowing what the right types of paint to use for a job along with adding details to the painting job such as borders or texturing. There are some that also […]

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