How to Make a Spiral Wire Bead Ring?

Are you in the lookout to making your own jewelry? Well then, let’s start with a spiral wire bead ring. Fascinating, isn’t it? Well yeah, absolutely, no one else will be wearing a ring that is made out of a wire. So go on make one yourself, and dazzle the world. Step 1: Find Your […]

How to Learn the Art of Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. It’s an art form that is a bit different from others. That’s because there are “rules” about how you create the letterforms, known as “hands” or styles of calligraphy. In computer language those styles are called ‘fonts’. In order to create a particular letterform, you need to study […]

Where Did Manga Come From?

While Manga seems to be growing ever more popular, which often leads many to believe that it’s a relatively modern creation it’s actually been around (in its early form) for over a thousand years. The tradition of telling stories with a series of sequential images has been a part of Japanese culture long before what […]

What Are the Benefits of Painting by Numbers?

Painting by numbers is a system that allows you to isolate a picture into different shapes. Also, keep in mind that each shape is allotted a specific number related to a certain color. Every shape is painted and given the shape of a complete painting. An artist named Michelangelo introduced the very first painting of […]

The Moral Spiral: Think Before You Act!

As part of my speaking/training ethics programs, I always explain the moral spiral concept and the news this week has given me a perfect opportunity to share it. The moral spiral is the understanding that no decision is made in isolation or without affecting at least one other human being. One decision leads to another, […]

My Introduction to Lighting

Nowadays it is impossible to remain without electricity and lighting; our civilization is unable to live without our technology and the energy to feed it. Furthermore, without the light bulbs is impossible to go out at night, working in the dark and driving. With the passage of time the lamps have evolved rapidly into design […]

Contemporary Trends In Gay Erotic Art

There is no way to understand modern gay erotic art without understanding how it came from its history. While many homophobes would like to believe that homosexuality was the invention of the 20th Century, this is a lie. Homosexuality has been with mankind uninterruptedly from the moment homo sapiens first came into existence. So too […]

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