Interesting Facts About the Japanese Kimono

The usual buyer nowadays would not usually associate Japan with handmade craft, along with the diminishing idea of Japan still focusing on the handmade industry, partly because they’ve embraced a more ‘technological’ side and the other reason being they’ve flourished more in their reign today as the world’s leader in technology. The Japanese are hardworking […]

An Essay on Reality, Writing and Art

Ever had a great night’s sleep, and woken up, to see the world around you is no longer what you thought it was? But you still wanted to drift around in that lumber state, exploring the distant worlds of fantasy and dreaming? So you let your attention go to where it wanted to travel to. […]

Japanese Garden of Monaco

Have you ever seen an authentic Japanese garden? Well, I had the chance of seeing the one in Monaco and was really impressed too. Wanna taste a little Japanese culture? Stepping on this ground is escaping from the real world into a fantasy land. You suddenly find yourself in a typical Japanese natural setting like […]

1 Simple Way to Head Off a Negative Spiral of Thoughts

When you get into people’s heads, it does not matter whether you are talking with high-level executives, stock-boys, painters, psychologists, teachers, students or professional athletes the challenges are always the same. We question ourselves, we second-guess ourselves, and we do not have as much confidence in ourselves as others seem to have. Fascinating, isn’t it? […]

Western Art – Purism – Cubism Stretched!

Purism – The History Purism, an extension of Cubism founded by two artists, was a short-lived diverse painting style that emerged after the First World War. The two artists were French Cubist painter Amedee Ozenfant (1886-1966) and Swiss architect, writer, & painter Charles-Edouard Jeanneret (also known as Le Corbusier – 1887-1965). They were introduced to […]

What is Contemporary Tattooing?

In modern times, the art of tattooing has become largely youth-driven, dominated by young tattooists with training in fine art and culture. Their clients are similarly young and often adorned with bold loud designs on their arms, hands, legs, and bodies as well as multiple piercing. Contemporary tattooing first came about during the hippy 1970s […]

Early Japanese Clay Pottery Art

Of all the different types of artifacts which are found in archeological sites, ceramic items are surely the most important. Clay pottery art artifacts are durable, and can last for tens of thousands of years in virtually the same condition in which they were first manufactured. Unlike stone tools, ceramic artifacts are completely personalized by […]

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