All About Origami, Two Books by Duy Nguyen That Will Help!

Remember the great TV serial Prison Break? You can’t forget the brothers Lincoln and Michael. When Michael wants to know where his brother was there will be an origami crane! In the last scene Lincoln puts an Origami crane in his brother’s graveyard. Origami adds a new dimension to this serial.

What is Origami? It is an ancient Japanese art. Ori means folding and kami means paper. So this is simply means the art of paperfolding.

You just need paper and glue for delicate projects. The technique is the most important one. You can make anything you want with creative power.

Even though we are willing to learn Origami, we need to know the basic folding and techniques.

The two books under review ‘Uber Origami- Every Origami Project ever’ and ‘Origami Myths and Legends’ written by Duy Nguyen give all information regarding this ancient art.

The first books give you step by step procedure to make 132 great projects in 510 pages while the second book helps you in making the legendary creatures in 96 pages.

Basically there are six types of folds.

The kite fold, valley fold, mountain fold, inside reverse fold, outside reverse fold, pleat fold, pleat fold reverse, squash folds and inside and outside crimp folds are all explained with detailed figures.

A beginner can start doing flower, elephant, puppy, cat, bull, goldfish, duck, stork, heron, penguin, toucan, cockatoo, orangutan Lion, Helicopter, Spaceship,B-2 Bomber, dragon, Christmas tree, Baby Jesus, Phoenix, dragon, scorpion etc.

When you show a dolphin or a hydra made in paper, people around you will cry with joy!

In order to enhance the creative power in you, this art is almost cost-free!

Imagine just a small piece of paper and your delicate hands working on it. It may take some time to create all the 132 objects in paper. But once you finish them all you will be amazed while exhibiting them. The infinite possibilities of Origami will keep you busy forever.

It began centuries ago in Japan. It was used in religious ceremonies. Also as a pastime, it entertained all including court nobles. Slowly it started spreading throughout the world and now there are exclusive exhibitions are conducted for Origami.

I congratulate the author Duy Nguyen for his fantastic books on the ancient Japanese art. He has written 42 books on Origami and the people who would like to start paper folding as their hobby may start buying his books!

Happy Paperfolding!

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Source by Santhanam Nagarajan

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