How the Planets Are Aligned

This is the mathematical story of how our solar system is arranged. Each planet is a specific distance from the next planet. The mean distance between the planets is 1.62 x 10^9 meters. that is basically equal to (PHI)(1 x 10^9) meters; or φ x 1000000000 = 1,682,000,000m The center circle represents the Sun even […]

Art Deco Pottery – 10 Influences

Art Deco pottery was created in a style that followed closely on the heels of Art Nouveau. It was created in France beginning in 1910, spread throughout the world and, then, lost influence with the onset of World War II. Art Deco was originally called art moderne or art decoritif. This has caused a lot […]

Where Can We Find Art In Our Day-To-Day Lives?

After the controversial appearance of Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” in 1917, the world began to understand that art is not only to be found in a painting or sculpture, but rather can be made from anything around us. Later the enormous success of Pop art developed this theme. In other words, artists showed us that art […]

Origami Time Line

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into various designs and styles. It can be done with the smallest scraps of paper up to any size paper imaginable, as well as manageable. Almost anything can be created with this amazing art form from birds, to people and even three-dimensional buildings. The history of Origami […]

3 Things To Know About Tempera Painting

1. What is it? Tempera is a type of painting medium that consists of a coloured pigment mixed in with a binder, usually an emulsion of water and egg yolk. This type of painting medium is very fast to dry and is very long-lasting. Tempera painting simply refers to paintings done using this sort of […]

Customer Expectation Spiral

Customers expect more than ever before: better quality, more features, advantages and benefits, more variety, more choices and options, more flexibility, more value for money and above all, more service. Somebody said today’s customers want the universe, gift wrapped, delivered yesterday, which is indeed an exaggeration, because today’s customers are not at all impossible to […]

Rooster by Picasso

Rooster by Pablo Picasso is a remarkably simple piece which helps to demonstrate the qualities or genius of this famous Spanish artist. Picasso is well remembered today for Rooster and other similar pencil sketches which show off an imaginatively simple portrait of carefully selected animals which the artist felt he could best portray in this […]

His Most Famous Assemblage (Canyon) – Robert Rauschenberg

Born into a family of Fundamentalist Christians on October 22, 1925, Milton Ernst Rauschenberg or Robert Rauschenberg was one of America’s most prolific and significant artists. He got his art training from the Kansas City Art Institute and at New York’s Art Students League. Robert Rauschenberg hands worked at various creative mediums and styles, such […]

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