Customer Expectation Spiral

Customers expect more than ever before: better quality, more features, advantages and benefits, more variety, more choices and options, more flexibility, more value for money and above all, more service. Somebody said today’s customers want the universe, gift wrapped, delivered yesterday, which is indeed an exaggeration, because today’s customers are not at all impossible to delight.

The increasing expectations of our customers today follow a spiral. Lets look at the computer hardware industry in India. Years ago customers cared about the availability and reliability of their machines. Issues revolved around, crashing of hard disc, hanging of the software, paper getting struck in the printer etc.

As technology related issues got resolved, expectation followed an upward spiral. Customers bought computers that were faster, smaller, cheaper, and lighter but with larger hard drives, bigger screens, with shorter access time and longer battery life.

In fact today Computers have all the bells and whistles. And what do the customers want ? More Service.

Today leading companies in India like Wipro, HCL, Dell IBM provide:

·       Customer friendly ordering system on the telephone and the web.

·       Expert advice on hardware and software topics

·       Online and over the phone support

·       On-line technical assistance with quick response by e-mail

·       A self service website with FAQs, easy to download software upgrades, user-to-user discussion groups and what not…..

Take a look at the airlines. It used to be safe journey, decent food and an in-flight magazine were all the customers /passengers expected and got. Then airlines started competing on the size and shape of adjustable seats, award winning food and wines, telephones, fax machines, computer games ……..

Today, most airlines, provide newspapers, magazines, audio and video selections, up-to-date news and entertainment, duty free shopping, laptop power points and frequent flier awards.

Some even feature reclining beds…

With so much comfort and equipment, competition is intense. And what do customers want? More Service.

The top international airlines now remember who you are, where you live and all your contact numbers. They automatically book your favorite seat and your choice of meals. 

Winning airlines of the future will go even further. Check in agents and cabin crew will see your digital photo on computer screen prior to your arrival. They will recognize you instantly and welcome you by name. Your preferences for special service will be recorded during the journey and then carried forward to assist the crew in future flights.

Welcome aboard Mr. Gupta. Would you like the Wall Street Journal and a tomato Juice with extra lime before take-off? 

Your personal interests will be matched with special offers. 

Hello Mr. Aggarwal, we are arranging a group vacation to one of our most popular destinations, exclusively for vegetarian scuba divers with young children. Would you be interested in knowing more? 

Step up your service! Lets take our service further up the spiral. It is all about anticipating expectation and provide to the customer, before the customer demands and anybody else does it. This way, we would build strong ‘entry barriers’ for competition.

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Source by Harshinder Sharma

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