Drop Coating Metallic Auto Body Paint

Drop coating is an important skill that every auto body paint sprayer should aspire to master. Drop coats are administered during the last phase of the spraying process when metallic paints are used. When applied to an auto body panel correctly, drop coats offer full color coverage, perfect metallic content distribution and a better paint […]

Elevator Dreams – What Do They Mean?

About a week ago, a friend shared about an elevator dream she had. In the dream, she was not sure whether she was trying to get off the elevator or trying to close the elevator door so that she could go up, but a huge head of a black cobra was in the doorway, preventing […]

Luxe Bohemian Interiors and Furniture

Laid-back luxe bohemian interiors are the perfect balance to the conundrum of city life. Aesthetically appealing with a touch of history the chic bohemian home is as unpredictable and unique as its owner. Impeccable style and luxurious statement decor the boho vibe carries on from one room to the next. Designing with vintage architectural arches […]

Paint by Number Frequently Asked Questions

Paint by Numbers – Paint by Numbers is an amazing hobby that can teach someone to master the craft of painting. It is recognized as one of the best stress relieving hobbies there are. We put this FAQ together to help answer some of the more common question pertaining to the hobby. What is Paint […]

Wear Scrubs to Do Some Painting

Painting any part of your house is always going to be a big job. From the preparation to the cleanup, a lot of work is going to be involved. If you are going to be doing some painting in your house, the best way to get the job done is to make sure that you […]

Serch Bythol Jewelry

Celtic jewelry is today much sought after for its beautiful designs and artwork and also for a way for ethnic groups to display their heritage. This jewelry is still able to convey its symbolic message to those who understand it. This Celtic love symbol of everlasting love takes the form of 2 Celtic triple spirals […]

Wildlife Art – Its History and Development

Summary Some of the earliest of all known art (pre-historic cave and rock art) features wildlife. However, it might be more properly regarded as art about food, rather than art about wildlife as such. Then for a lot of the rest of the history of art in the western world, art depicting wildlife was mostly […]

Art Therapy to Ease Night Terrors

While I’m not a certified art therapist. As an artist and someone who has been managing severe night terrors for a decade I have found some great ways to self treat this all to common condition, while nurturing a valuable skill/hobby and empowering you to take control and make a positive change. Many things can […]

The Vanishing Art of the Atayal Facial Tattoos

Taiwan is populated by various tribes. Due to its rich history, the island has seen many cultural and religious changes that have affected old traditions, tattoo customs included. Taiwan’s customs are closely linked to Chinese, Japanese and Philippine traditions, since the island is surrounded by these territories and migrations are common practice. The islands of […]

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