Art Enrollment in Nigerian Tertiary Schools

The history of modern art in Nigeria started around 1920s. During this period, most parents abhor their children to study art courses in the higher institutions. The ones that dare to do otherwise as insisted by their parents may face certain sanctions that are not conducing for their age and future as well. This means […]

Michael Andrews’ Famous Soho Colony Room Mural Sold

A complete mural from the famous Soho drinking den the Colony Room by Michael Andrews sold for £38,400 at Lyon & Turnbull’s Modern and Contemporary Art and Design sale in London on September 27th 2008. The famous Soho Colony Room was frequented by artists such as Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and Damien Hirst. Michael Andrews’ […]

The History of Bonsai in Buddhism

All over the world people have been growing and collecting bonsai trees as a hobby and a form of artwork. These tiny trees have long been cultivated in decorative containers, thus giving them their name; bonsai literally means tree in a pot. While many think of bonsai trees as Japanese, the art of bonsai originated […]

5 Benefits Of Joining A Painting Group

1. Honing your skills Joining a painting group is a great way to hone your skills. Not only do you get time to hone and develop your skills, you also get to learn from like-minded people. You’re obviously going to learn from the group’s leader, but you can learn from the other members of the […]

So Near, Yet Sonar – Barcelona’s City Festival

Every June, for three nights and three days, the bars, clubs, pubs and streets of Barcelona become even more busy than normal, as people from all over Spain, Europe, and the rest of the world descend upon the city to experience Sónar, an Advanced Music and Multimedia Art festival. The official website describes the festival […]

Kakejiku (Japanese Hanging Scroll)

Since ancient times, Japan has been considered one of the most mysterious countries in the world. The kakejiku is an ultimate tool for learning about Japan. The Japanese people have long set a high value on aesthetic senses since ancient times. As a result, the peculiar culture which is not seen in other countries blossomed […]

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