The Birth Of Eskimo Inuit Art Prints

Unlike Inuit sculpture, art prints from the Canadian Arctic are a twentieth century innovation in Inuit Eskimo art. One of the most significant events that happened during the development of contemporary Inuit art was when Canadian James Houston taught the Inuit to make art prints by incising designs into linoleum tiles, stone blocks and stencils […]

The Collection Of Momiji Dolls

The Momiji dolls are modern-age collectible hand-painted dolls that took inspiration from the Kokeshi dolls that were made during the Edo era around 1603 to 1867. The word Momiji comes from the Japanese word of maple leaf but these are not of Japanese origin at all. These Momiji are also called the message dolls as […]

Soccer Body Painting Ideas and Football Costumes

Are you searching for soccer body painting ideas and a painted football costume? If you have already searched to find a great body design, you may have noticed how many different photo galleries are available out there – both for male and female soccer costume ideas. So whether you would like to take a look […]

Essence Of Waterfall Model

Introduction: SDLC is a process through which a product will get completed or a product get rid from any problem. Software development process is described as a number of phases, procedures and steps that gives the complete software. SDLC follows series of steps which is used for product progress. It is nothing but a ladder […]

Hues And Contours

It was 2oth Annual Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture & Graphic Arts while 8th National Show held by Artists’ Association of Punjab (AAP) on 7th April 2006 at Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore. Being the mega event of Punjab, usually a seminar on Art- related topics is conducted on the next day of Exhibition on two core […]

Launching a Successful Career As an Artist

A DIALOG WITH YOUR WORK It is important for anyone launching an art career to have a direction toward their development and to keep that development alive. The very act of creativity can be dulled or detoured by an artist presupposing future works. The dialog an artist has with your work changes with each new […]

Why Do Martial Artists Make Good Dancers?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that some students excel very quickly, while others take some time to ramp up. Initially assuming that it was just differences in ability, I thought little of it. But after befriending these students and learning about their history, a common theme emerged: Martial Arts. Almost all of the better dancers […]

What is Shibari

The knowledge of the ancient art of is very incomplete. Research and knowledge development are still going on every day. There are many different styles, such as Fumo Ryu (the spiritual style) or Iki (the bare Zen essentials only style) and the individual styles of various rope artists. Picture a room, lit by candles. Shadows […]

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