How to Cook Different Kinds of Ham

Ham is usually sold in one of three conditions: 1) Fully cooked 2) Partially cooked 3) Uncooked Although the cooking techniques are similar, there are differences between a fully cooked and a partially cooked or uncooked ham. For example, a fully cooked ham should be cooked to an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while […]

Understanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is known to be one of the most exclusive and effective systems created for self-defence. BJJ is a form of martial arts and is different from other martial arts styles with the emphasis on ground fighting rather than standing. Once on the ground, the aim is to control your opponent’s body […]

The Art of Business Blog Writing

“It is precisely minds of the first order that will never be specialists. For their very nature is to make the whole of existence their problem; and this is a subject upon which they will every one of them in some form provide mankind with a new revelation. For he alone can deserve the name […]

Care Bears History and Facts

The lovable Care Bears were first created by the American Greetings company in the year 1981. They were intended to be used on greeting cards and become very popular to the public. Artist Elena Kucharik was the very first to create the images of our beloved Care Bears and by 1983 they were made into […]

His Most Famous Painting (On White II) – Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky

“On White II” is a phenomenal creation by Russian painter Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky. Created in the year 1923, this painting is a classic example of ‘Abstract Geometrical Art,’ based on different geometric forms and shapes, especially portrayed in a non-illusionistic manner. Kandinsky’s “On White II” is a work of detailed analysis and critical precision. Each […]

Hard Work Is Its Own Reward

In August this year, newspapers were full of the story of the discovery of a great Italian painter and sculpture, Pordenone Montanari, 73, who had shut himself away from the world for 18 years to exclusively devote himself to his work and relying for his bare necessities on his wife. He was discovered when his […]

Poker Art Work

There are many talented artists that offer a wide variety of poker art work. From originals to limited edition prints, there are poker paintings that depict scenes from old poker movies to abstract works of art that feature modern day poker celebrities. Darci Faulkner ‘s art is widely collected and has been honored with many […]

Artist Action Plan: How To Create Yours Now

Beside creating art, the most important step in developing your art career is to take action! You can enter or relaunch your career either haphazardly or with a plan. The one you pick will likely determine how long you stick with it and if there is a happy ending to your story. If you enter […]

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