Rexel Thermal Binder – A Review of the T20 Model

It is essential for you to research all your available options, when looking to buy office equipment. Acco Rexel is one of the renowned binder manufacturers, so it is definitely a good idea to evaluate their models. This review aims to assess critically the T20 Rexel thermal binder.

This thermal binding machine can bind up to 200 sheets. This is way below average capacity, but this is not necessarily a disadvantage. The device is light and compact, so it can be safely said that it is quite practical for small offices without much documentation to organize and file.

This Rexel thermal binder works on a fixed cycle. This means that no matter how many sheets you want to bind together, it will take you a set amount of time. For T20, it is 40 seconds. This is a very good speed that is on par with the speeds of some of the fastest models on the market. Still, you might find the machine way slow, if you have to make a lot of thinner copies.

This device cannot boast with exceptionally functional features, but it has everything you need for easy, quick and convenient thermal binding. The controls are extremely easy to use. The machine has audio and visual cycle completion signals that add to convenience.

One of the most beneficial features of this binder is the improved cooling. The device is designed so that the air flow reaching the spine and sheets has a greater volume. In turn, cooling becomes faster and more effective.

The safety and protective features of this Rexel binding machine are quite good, even though they are not among the best. The standard auto shut-off feature is present. The device comes with a safety lid that prevents dust from entering and damaging the internal parts.

Overall, the T20 Rexel thermal binder is practical, but only for use in small offices.

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