Ninjutsu: The Benefits of the Ancient Art of the Ninja

What does the word “Ninjutsu” bring to mind? Black clad Ninja Assassins demonstrating miraculous feats of acrobatics and throwing around deadly “ninja stars”? If so, then you might have a hard time believing that Ninjutsu, the ancient art of the Ninja, is perfectly applicable and useful to someone who lives in the modern, fast-paced world – that the benefits of the ancient art of Ninjutsu might be directly useful to YOU.

While it is true that Ninjutsu teaches valuable armed and unarmed combat techniques that can be used to protect you from physical harm, the art encompasses so much more. Here are three of the many ways in which the study of Ninjutsu can help to enrich your life:

1) One of the modern benefits of the ancient art of the Ninja is the development of stress management techniques. The pace of life is all too fast and getting faster by the day. Stressful demands, from little day-to-day annoyances to major trials and tribulations, gradually mount up until they can feel overwhelming. Ninjutsu, by means of its meditation techniques, the promotion of an awareness of self and of a healthy mind and body kept in balance, develops invaluable all-round tools to help deal with the many stresses of modern life that threaten to drag you down.

2) Another of the modern benefits of the ancient art of the Ninja is the development of conflict management techniques. Conflict can take many forms and not all of them involve the threat of physical violence. Ninjutsu offers solutions for all of these; physical techniques enable practitioners to confidently take control of situations when things do get physical and the mental discipline required to learn the art of Ninjutsu gives practitioners the mental flexibility to quickly adapt to and take control of any non-physical conflict situations that life might throw their way.

3) Yet another of the modern benefits of the ancient art of the Ninja is the development of personal discipline. Mastery does not come easily – if it did, we would all already be masters of Ninjutsu! The reasons why some succeed and many fail are linked with personal discipline, the physical discipline needed to master the physical side of Ninjutsu and the mental discipline needed to truly understand and apply the underlying theories of Ninjutsu. This personal discipline can perhaps be best expressed as “strength of will” – the ability to push on when things get tough. Ninjutsu requires and develops this strength of will, this personal discipline, and this iron willpower can then be brought to bear on life’s many challenges, leading to greater success, confidence, and life-satisfaction.

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Source by Jeffrey Miller

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