The Art of Approaching Review: Should I Buy?

By far the biggest obstacle to overcome when learning how to pick up women is the approach. This ‘The Art of Approaching’ review is for you if you can relate with finding it hard to approach and are wondering if this book can offer you a solution.

The author of this book is a guy called Joseph Matthews. He is well known throughout the dating community because of how well he teaches complex information in an easy to understand manner. This book is now considered an all time great because of how quickly it helps men see results. So, is the book any good?

The Art of Approaching Review: Impressions

This book was written almost ten years ago and has risen in popularity year by year. As Josephs experience grows he likes to update the book to reflect this; this is a fantastic feature. The first release of the book was based entirely around the time when you first set eyes on her up until you begin talking.Everything inside this book was absolute gold!

However, year after year updates have included additions and revisions which have improved the book significantly. There are now sections on body language, vocal tonality, approach types, opener types and even conversational examples of what to say! The information in it really is that good for both beginners and advanced men.

Some people claim that the book is solely for the beginner who has never approached a woman, however I’d argue that the fundamentals to any skill are the most important skills. Therefore, you could read this no matter how advanced you are as a refresher and still gain new insights for the rest of your life.

The Art of Approaching Review: Best Bits

Joseph Matthews is the magic behind this book. I say this because he is living proof that you don’t have to have model like looks to be extremely successful with women (no offense Joseph). The content in the book blows you away when you read it. This is because you see Joseph, and you see the kinds of women he has dated and you realize that it wasn’t his looks that got him those girls. You realize that it was the fundamental concepts he has shared in the book that has got him so much success.

The story of how Joseph came to be and his journey is worth the price of the book alone; many of us can relate. Usually our lowest points are our best because they often motivate us to push through any obstacles no matter what they are to succeed with gorgeous girls. Joseph share his inspirational story going from zero to hero with the ladies.

The Art of Approaching Review: Conclusion

No matter how experienced you are this book is definitely for you; you will learn a ton and it may even change your life. The book does cost money but the rewards you will reap from putting it into practice are worth so much more. You can own this book in a few minutes but it took Joseph years of trial and error to get the results so please take the time to purchase it.

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