Financial Literacy – Political Agenda Priority One

The need for Financial Literacy among populations is not a new one. Former US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has identified it and currently Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump are arguing it is pivotal to the future success of nations. The message appears to be going unheeded in the places where decisions are made governments. […]

Bonsai Trees Vs Dwarfing or Dwarfism

Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing miniature trees by restricting the growth of the plant through various pruning and cultivating techniques. As part of the growing technique (aka the training process), future Bonsai trees are grown in containers/trays to limit root growth and provide easy access for pruning or shaping the plant as desired. […]

Alvarez Guitars – Excellently Crafted and Unique

Considered the most popular acoustic brand in the world, the successful Alvarez line has not always had it easy, as noted by their history. Today, however, these attractive and warm sounding guitars are a major part of the instrument industry and demand respect. That respect, however, cannot be measured by any one feature that the […]

Her Most Famous Painting (The Roots) – Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo, born on July 6, 1907, was an incredibly strong woman and an internationally recognized Mexican painter. She was married to a Mexican painter Diego Rivera, whose artistry she admired. Her work used to carry a competent blend of the Mexican and European cultures. Most of her paintings were self-portraits (55 out of 143), […]

Choosing Technica Putters

Almost half of your shots are played with only one club: the putter. Yet strangely we practice putting less and spend less money on putters. Selecting the right club from the line of Technica putters can help you lower your scores. Selecting a Grip Pick a Technica putter grip to your putting style and the […]

Western Painting – Spatialism – A Non-Digital Multimedia Creative Phenomenon

Spatialism – The History In 1946, famous Argentinean sculptor and painter Lucio Fontana (1899-1968), came up with a novel art style, called Spatialism or Movimento Spaziale. This art movement was a contemporary to the Abstract Expressionism of the United States. The philosophy behind Spatialism was dispelled through its manifesto titled ‘Manifesto Blanco,’ which discussed the […]

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