LSD March "Empty Rubious Red" aRCHIVE – Music Review

Noise is the voice of the chaos gods. In noise all possible sounds are present albeit in a kaleidoscopic non-hierarchy. Noise doesn’t allow our expectations that order will materialize to come to fruition. It trumps us and our plans, leaving us vulnerable, stunned. Don’t let this fool you however, noise is music. From early recordings […]

Rexel Thermal Binder – A Review of the T20 Model

It is essential for you to research all your available options, when looking to buy office equipment. Acco Rexel is one of the renowned binder manufacturers, so it is definitely a good idea to evaluate their models. This review aims to assess critically the T20 Rexel thermal binder. This thermal binding machine can bind up […]

Bonsai Tree Meaning

A lot of people wonder about the meaning behind the bonsai tree. Well, let’s start with the meaning of the word itself. Bonsai, first of all, is a Japanese word and could be translated as ‘a tree in a pot’. The art of bonsai growing, however, did not originate in Japan but in China. It […]

Drop Cloth Or Newspaper?

When painting a room some people go old fashioned by using old newspapers to cover the floor. This is the cheap man’s way when doing painting around the house. Besides being this a cheap of doing it, let’s look at it from a practical point of view as well as if this is actually the […]

What Is Artchery?

Artchery is a combo-word, a made up word I created and would like to discuss with you. What does it mean? Well, we know what archery is and the famous tale of William Tell, and we know that archery is an Olympic Sport, and that there were archers used in warfare during past periods, and […]

10 Tips for Painting Landscapes With Acrylics

Acrylic paints are versatile and this is helpful for painting landscapes. Acrylics are thinned with water or an acrylic medium to create transparency and imitate water coloring. The tint is used from the container for medium consistency. Apply layers of paint to create the illusions of thickness as seen in oil painting. 10 Tips: 1. […]

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