Ancient Roman Art

Roman art includes sculpture, painting, architecture, and mosaic work, as well as luxury glass objects, gem engraving, metal-work, and ivory carvings. Roman artists were very creative, and often borrowed artistic styles from several cultures, including Greek, Etruscan, native Italic, and Egyptian. Sculpture and figure painting were considered the highest forms of art by the Romans, […]

Types of Graduate Degrees in the Arts

First, it is important to note that many schools offer graduate certificates (sometimes called “non-credit”) which are less extensive than masters degrees, but offer some focused expertise in a certain area. With the exception perhaps of art history, most of the degrees listed below can be obtained as a graduate certificate or a masters degree. […]

The Fine Art Of Nude Photography

Many people don’t consider getting involved in the fine art of nude photography. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are against this form of art, rather they just haven’t seriously considered it because they didn’t know of anyone who would want to pose for them. Asking someone to pose for a nude photo can be a […]

Mastering the Art of Polarity

We all know that we live in a world of duality, whether we are all aware or conscious of that, however, is another story. Knowing and being aware are two different states of consciousness. Did you know that the Law of Polarity is one of seven of the most important Hermetic Cosmic and Universal Laws? […]

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