Japanese Translation – Translating Your Web Content to Japanese

Internet has allowed businesses to go global without the need to worry about geographical barriers. You can now effectively sell your product or service to people in other countries as long as you have a website. If your target audience is the Japanese, this article is specially written for you.

With a website, you can enter the Japanese market immediately. Before you launch your operations in Japan, you need to make sure that the content of your website is in Japanese. This is because to effectively sell your product or service to the Japanese, you need to speak in their language. This is true for any other country that does not speak English as their first language.

You need to take language barrier as a serious consideration. As the Japanese are more receptive to online marketing and e-commerce, many companies are translating their websites content from English to Japanese so as to make them more accessible to their target audience.

So the next logical question is, should you hire a professional translation agency to do it for you, or you want to do it yourself? My advice to you will be to get someone who is well-verse in the Japanese culture and language to do it for you. This is because translation is not as easy as you think it is. Although there are free tools on the Internet to do translation for you, those are not very accurate translations. This is because different country has different speaking culture and dialect. If you are doing business in a foreign country, it is best to speak in their native tongues.

So if English and Japanese are both not your strongest languages, I will suggest that you hire a professional translation service. When hiring a translation service, what you should expect from the agency?

1. The translator will translate your web content from English to Japanese accurately. They will even create a new website to suit the Japanese style.

2. Implementing SEO to your website. They will select important Japanese keywords and place those keywords at the right place on your site so that your site can rank well on search engines.

3. They will provide professional copywriting service so that your content uses appropriate tone for the Japanese audience. Also, they will emphasise important Japanese keywords so as to help in SEO.

4. Great customer service. You can expect the service of a professional translation agency to be first-class.

Hope that now you understand why website translation is so important if you are doing business overseas. Your website is your marketing brochure, so make it good and relevant!

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Source by Cheow Yu Yuan

Akame Ga Kill Manga Series by Kazuhisa Nakamura

Akame ga kill manga is a story of the dark manga that took place prior to the original series of the akame ga kill. The prequel mainly concentrates on the attributes of Akame who was brainwashed, bought and raised by kingdom as a murderer.

This manga story starts when a girl stole the Tatsumi and as a result, people are attacked by a group of killers when they think that they are safe.

Tatsumi initially appeared when a royal soldier was being attacked by the earth dragon in which he managed to overpower the dragon and he was congratulated by the royal soldiers. After brave appearance, Tatsumi was traveling to the capital city in which he was first shocked by the beauty and size of the capital however he comprehended that everything was not as he initially thought. He did not have a smooth commencement with the villagers residing in the town however another girl who had a weird outfit who was ready to provide some tips to him on how to live in the city in order to make him famous. The girl told him that he should have invited her out for a meal if he really wanted to know how to live in the city.

Tatsumi while with the girl at a bar was surprised when he saw the girl drinking alcohol heavily. When Tatsumi eventually arrived at the capital, he was told by the girl that the most essential was to get contacts and money. As a result, Tatsumi have a lot of money to her.

The girl was very happy to get the money and even told her that he needed to wait for sometime as she contacted her captain. This made Tatsumi very happy. Many hours passed on and the girl never showed up. As a result, Tatsumi realized that he was conned and he was very heartbroken. While walking, he met two men who had the intention of taking his sword however he defeated them very easily. He was left sitting in one of the town’s streets without any money that he could use to pay for accommodation within the town. While faced with such a problem, Aria who was a very friendly and rich girl found him. Aria offered Tatsumi accommodation.

You can watch this manga series on television or online. There is a forthcoming animated version of Akame ga KILL manga to be published in the June issue of manga magazine that will be mainly of the past two seasons.

In the story, Kazuhisa Nakamura designed the characters whereas music was composed by Taku Iwasaki. The introductory part of the manga series was interpreted by Amamiya while the conclusion was interpreted by Miku Sawai. The other members of the group include Hiroshi Souma, Keisuke Nakamura, Miyuki Sato, Yoshito Takamine and Hozumi Goda.

Akame is actually aware of the girl who purchased the entre Empire. This is mainly because he was brought, raised and brainwashed as a murderer.

Akame ga kill manga series was released in the year 2010. Its 9th volume was launched in 22nd January 2011. A prequel story of the original series was published in October, 2013 in the issue of Gangan Big of the Square Enix.

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Top 7 Reasons Why People Watch Anime Today

Over the past 20 years, Anime has been rising in popularity across the globe. If you have never tried this series, you will once you have gone through this article. In this article, we are going to talk about 7 convincing reasons why people watch Anime. Read on to find out more.

Unique And Interesting Characters

Since we are human beings, we do things that keep us entertained. This is what makes Anime so popular among millions of viewers. The characters in the series are vibrant and interesting, which is why most people just remain hooked to the series.

There are many colorful characters such as ninjas, pirates, ghosts, school kids, and gods. Each character is unique and appealing, which is why you will become a fan of the series in a few days.


Have you ever read a book that was quite relatable? If so, you may have read one page after another until you have read the entire book. The reason is that this type of book kept you hooked to the story. The same is the case with Anime as well.

Today’s animated series are quite relatable. Most of them convey the importance of being with family and loved ones. Anime will teach you to never give up regardless of your circumstances.

The flaws are admirable

The beauty of Anime is that it can help you accept your flaws. In the end, you will find that the most lovable characters die in the series. In other words, we learn the lesson from watching the series is that there are no perfect characters. We are beautiful and different because of our flowers. Therefore, you should accept your flaws and move on.

Endless Possibilities

Anime offers endless possibilities. In other words, you cannot predict what is going to happen next. There are so many possibilities you may consider. For instance, you may find a kid who is walking in the air. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things that will amaze you. This is another great reason why you will love watching Anime.

Japanese Culture

Although you don’t have to learn about Japanese culture, the way Japanese culture is presented in the animation series is quite fascinating. In fact, the common stories, myths, popular traditions, and phrases are so attractive.

Strong Female Characters

You will find unbiased character representations of both genders. In other words, both male and female characters are equally loved. In the series, you will find females in action sequences like the male characters. So, one thing that makes Anime interesting is that it is eye-catchy.

Overwhelming Action Sequences

Anime has overwhelming action sequences. They are not just regular fight sequences, which is what makes this series so interesting.

In short, these are 7 reasons why a lot of people watch and every day. Hopefully, you will give you a go to these animation series to entertain yourself and your family. Hope this helps.

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Source by Nigunim Stark

Landscape Prints

Landscape prints make great choices for your home, with many art buyers happy to order reproductions of the most famous landscape oil paintings. This article underlines the reasons for the popularity of landscape art and discusses the merits of the some of the best landscape paintings and artists.

This technique has attracted many different methods over the years with common styles of landscape art including Box easel, En plein air, Watercolour sketches from nature, Engravings, Literati style, Woodcuts, Fescos, Panel paintings, Altar pieces, Oil on canvas, Acrylic and Mixed Media. Chinese and Japanese produced landscape prints many years before they became present in mainstream western art and these works were produced with very different methods and results from Asian artists who had a traditional method using different brushes and materials on which their creativity was placed. This style later inspired the likes of Vincent Van Gogh.

Landscape art is known to have been popular with artists in France, USA, UK and Japan amongst many others, spawning famous landscape artists such as Claude Monet, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Pieter Bruegel the Younger, John Constable, JMW Turner, Thomas Gainsborough, Annibale Carracci, Claude Lorrain, Peter Paul Rubens and Vincent Van Gogh.

Paintings such as Poppies Blooming, Water-Lilies, Venice Twilight, Bouquet Of Sunflowers, The Japanese Bridge, Impression Sunrise and Monet’s Garden at Argentueil have helped to establish Frenchman Claude Monet as possibly the most popular landscape artist of the present day and is the best painter to start any study of landscape art on. Monet concentrated on lighting during different seasons and times of the day in his series on Haystacks and the architecture of London.

The best painters involved were part of integral art movements which passionately followed the teachings and existing inspirations surrounding landscape painting. The best known art movements related to landscape art included the USA Hudson River School, Impressionism, Romanticism and also some famous Cubist and other abstract works tackled this subject.

Adding on to the oil painters were the later landscape photographers who produced colour and black and white photos which also make popular print reproductions with other art consumers looking for cheap but professional additions to their homes. Famous landscape photographers include American Ansel Adams and Frenchman Robert Doisneau, amongst many others.

There are equally many different formats which art buyers choose for their reproduction of landscape originals in order to match their own personal taste, the style of the original work and also the layout and design of their home. The most common choices include framed giclee prints, calendars, postcards, unframed art prints, cheap posters high quality tapestries, stretched canvases, lithographs, sketches & drawings and handmade reproductions.

To conclude, it is clear that landscape prints make popular choices for those adding art to their homes in a tasteful way. They offer a style which is somewhere in between the modern abstract paintings that have appeared in the 20th century and the traditional portrait and religious paintings from the renaissance and baroque periods. The artists and paintings included in this article are just a selection of the best available from a huge list that now exists with thousands of lesser known and amateur artists producing their own versions of landscape art. It is possible that this type of art is particularly enjoyed by the many art fans who live in crowded urban areas and don’t have the luxury of an attractive view of the countryside from their own home, so choose this type of art to fill that void. It can also be the case that some appreciate the landscapes of countries foreign to them and rarely get the opportunity to visit them in person.

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Source by Tom Gurney

Lavinia Fontana – An Artist From the Mannerist School of Art

Italian Mannerist painter Lavinia Fontana was born in 1552 in Bologna. Her father Prospero Fontana (1512-97) was a fresco artist of the School of Bologna, who even trained her initially on the youthful Mannerism. Later, Lavinia progressed towards Carracciesque style, which dealt with quasi-Venetian coloring. Italian Renaissance artist Sofonisba Anguissola (1532-1625) highly influenced her work.

‘Monkey Child’ (1575) is her earliest known painting. Her second painting ‘Christ with the Symbols of the Passion’ (1576) is still at the El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas, USA. Lavinia was known among the affluent for her ability to integrate the intricate work of fabrics, rich gold jewels, and textures into her rich images. She was famous for the attention she paid on the details like the poses and the use of delicate palette. She was exceptionally good at painting large-scale mythological and biblical figures, including female and male nudes. Unfortunately a few of her competent art works such as ‘Queen of Sheba visiting Solomon’ (1598-1600) and ‘Venus; the Virgin Lifting a Veil from the Sleeping Infant Christ’ have mistakenly been attributed to the Italian Baroque artist Guido Reni (1575-1642).

At the age of 25 Lavinia met painter Giano Paolo Zappi at her father’s workshop and got married to him in 1577. They formed a very successful partnership that facilitated a successful life for them. While Zappi assisted Lavinia with her art and cared for their eleven children, Lavinia concentrated on her paintings and providing for the family. At twenty-seven, a Dominican scholar and church historian Pietro Ciaconio (1526-81) commissioned her self-portraits. ‘Self-Portrait Seated at Her Desk’ (1579) was the product. Fontana has more than 135 refined oil paintings to her credit. She is considered as one of the most successful female artists before the 1700s. ‘Portrait of a Noblewoman’ (1580), ‘Portrait of the Gozzadini Family’ (1584), ‘Allegory of Music’ are a few examples of her excellence in creating female forms on canvas.

By the age of thirty, Lavinia Fontana had gained ample fame in her devotional genre of art. ‘The Holy Family’ (1575), ‘Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalen’ (1581), and ‘The Dead Christ with Symbols of the Passion’ (1581), are few of her highly appreciated creations in the style. While she created ‘St. Francis of Paola Blessing a Child’ (1590) for the Church of Santa Maria della Morte in Bologne, her ‘The Holy Family with the Sleeping Christ Child’ adorns the Escorial Palace in Madrid, Spain. In 1603, Lavinia and her family moved to Rome upon Pope Clement VIII’s (1536-1605) invitation. There she executed her famous 20-feet altarpiece ‘The Stoning of St. Stephen Martyr’ for the Papal Palace, Vatican. In 1611, sculptor Felice Antonio Cassoni (1559-1634) honored her contribution to the field of Arts. She was also nominated into the Accademia di San Luca of Rome. On August 11, 1614, at the age of 62 Lavinia Fontana died.

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Source by Annette Labedzki

What Are The Advantages of Selling Art Online?

Web-based artist networks, art marketplaces, and online art galleries are helping artists who are selling art online, a more and more common practice as time goes by. More often than not, selling your art online on your own can be an experience that disenchants many artists with the prospect of selling art online using any tool; even a personal website can be difficult to manage in comparison to an online gallery account.

The online art market is growing considerably, and with online art sales on the rise, it is proving to be an increasingly fruitful avenue for artists, even compared to traditional methods for selling art as an artist. Previously established networks like those used by online art marketplaces and gallery settings have many things going for them that personal websites do not, namely the ability to draw on greater authority rankings that help them appear higher on search engine results. Larger sites draw a large portion of the market of online art buyers looking for artists who are selling art online. These buyers are already seeking art to buy online, and are open to the prospect of purchasing directly from the artist. Selling your art online can be difficult if you are only selling from your own personal website. Increase the scope of the audience who can potentially see your work by including your pieces in an online art gallery or marketplace!

Traditional galleries have the problem that they are highly localized in their traffic, whereas with the online revolution, someone in England can buy a painting or sculpture piece from an artist in Hawaii, arrange for shipping, and pay the artist directly. Galleries also have limited wall space, which is not an issue when you’re selling your art online.

Many websites have sprung up to help artists with the task of selling art online; they often charge a nominal fee, some one time, some annual, and some taking a commission of each sale an artist makes, but no matter the payment model being used this is often much less than an artist would pay to display their work in a traditional brick and mortar venue. A virtual listing for a piece of art allows the artist who is selling art online to display at least one image, often more, of their work as well as a description of the piece that can be key word optimized for better search engine exposure, and contact information for interested buyers. The advantages of selling your art works online are numerous, and center around the several ways that you can save both money and time. Your worries over maintaining a physical gallery space are over if you decide to work on selling your art online! No more rent and maintenance worries, no more adjusting your schedule to fit that of the gallery, with online art sales it is all between you as the artist and your buyer, and that is as it should be.

Compared to selling art pieces online, gallery sales are a lot harder to come by. But just because there is greater potential for an artist selling art online to make more sales does not mean that these sales will come without a little effort on the part of the artist. The way the internet works for someone selling art online it is all about your ‘findability’. So when someone searches for something using a specific word or phrase, the websites which are ranked best for those terms come up in order of relevance and importance. The better you describe your work when creating a listing on an art sales website, the better chance you have of making a sale. Now this does not mean that you should find a list of popular search terms for selling art online and cram as many of them into your description box as possible, but rather select a few that are most closely associated with your piece or gallery as a while, and work those into your description text.

Making a sale using your new online gallery pages can be fun if you want it to be. This does not mean that marketing yourself effectively will not require a little effort on your part, but if you let yourself enjoy the challenge, it can be a very rewarding way to see the fruits of your labor ripening on the vine. Promote yourself and your work through social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ with links to your gallery and pictures of your work (make sure to use watermarks to protect your unsold pieces) and encourage your friends and contacts to share these with their contacts as well. Selling art online doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming if done correctly, so stay tuned for more information how to sell your art online and all the benefits you can expect to enjoy!

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Source by Juliette Traversen

Sun Tzu Art of War – Using Direct and Indirect Forces to Achieve Competitive Advantage

In battle, use the direct forces to match the enemy, and use the indirect forces to win the enemy. Thus, the person who is adept at using indirect forces, can use it in such infinite ways like the ever-changing forces and elements of nature and the ceaseless flow of water in rivers and streams. Chapter Five, Sun Tzu Art of War

In the first sentence, Sun Tzu mentioned to use direct force to match the enemy and using indirect force to win the enemy. And in the next few sentences, he mentioned that the combinations of these two types of forces are infinite and its interactions and can produce wonderful results. So how do we apply this wisdom into business?


Direct forces in war would be analogous to the quality (or price) of your services or products in business. The indirect forces in war would be analogous to the intangibles like branding (the feelings you want your consumer to be associated with when they use your product or services.) or service level in business. Now, quality and price can be easily mimicked but it is the intangibles that are difficult to replicate, it usually gives a business a sustainable competitive edge over his rivals and allows differentiation between products and services easily thus the reason why I called it the indirect forces.

For instance, if you want a nice meal with romantic ambience, would you go to Burger King or McDonalds? If you want cheap food, would you want to go to a high class restaurant with dedicated waiters? What makes you prefer a certain restaurant over others when what they serve to you are basically steaks?

Let us further the restaurant example. Imagine there two restaurants, they serve good sirloin steaks, beef from Kobe, extremely good gravy and same pricing. But one is dirty and the other is extremely clean, almost to the extent of dust free. Which restaurant would you go to? Note here is that it does not cost much to have a clean toilet in your restaurant, but think of the immense attraction you would have on hygiene-conscious clients? So this is one way of using indirect forces to win over your rivals in business.

With that in mind, you can see that there are infinite areas of applying direct and indirect forces in your business. Use direct forces to replicate what your rivals are having and use indirect forces to differentiate yourself from your rivals.

By having different combinations of using direct and indirect forces, you can have infinite strategies for your business.

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Source by Koo Ping Shung

The Amazing Art Of Constructionist Artist Varvara Stepanova

The great Russian artist Varvara Fedorovna Stepanova (1894-1958) delved into to a wide range of artistic trends from Social realism to Symbolism. However, she is mostly known for exploring and furthering Constructivism.

New Abstract Art in Russia began around 1909 – some say, actual Constructivism started in 1919 when first mentioned by Rodchenko. The term was actually used by the Russian artists themselves. In some ways, it was influenced by Cubism, Italian/Russian Futurism and traditional peasant art. Constructivist artwork is characterized by abstract, geometric forms and a technique in which various materials, often industrial in nature, are assembled rather than carved or modeled.

Constructivism replaced traditional art with socially-instrumental art. Artists in this field invited their audiences to be active viewers of their artwork. In line with this vision, they were innovators in fine art painting; but also in 3-D constructed objects; typographic design including posters; textiles & fashion designs, furniture, and theater sets and costume design.

Constuctivist lead-playing artist Stepanova expressed her wide range of talents in all of these art outlets and media. For a long time, Varvara substituted her painting for production art. She worked with functional materials manufactured in an equal relationship between artist and industrial worker, with an objective to bring art into life.

Stepanova carried out her ideal of engaging with industrial production and designed comfortable clothing for ease of movement of workers. She used striking fabrics in geometric patterns that suited the industrial printing methods. Her modernist practicality combined with sophistication made her popular in Paris in the mid ’20s.

Even though from peasant origin, Varvara went to the Kazan School of Art in Odessa. There she met her live-long art collaborator and then future-husband, Alexander Rodchenko. She moved to Moscow in 1912 with Rodchenko to attend the Stroganov School.

Together Stepanova and Rodchenko became an important part of the Russian art avant-garde, both in terms of their collaborations, and each in their own right. For an example of a collaborative artwork with Rodchenko, is NYC’s Museum of Modern Art.* Both artists considered the artistic experience as public communication rather than a private introspection.

The couple was involved with many influential artists of that time. Before the Russian Revolution, around 1917, they shared an apartment with Wassily Kadinsky in Moscow, and were introduced to many other famous Russian artists.

In the earlier parts of her career, Varvara loved Futurist poetry. She autonomously developed what came to be known as ‘non-objective visual poetry’. An example of ‘non-objective visual poetry’ is featured at MoMA. It is called ‘Gaust chaba’, 1919. * This is watercolor manuscript text on found newspaper leaves.

Stepanova designed Cubo-Futurist artwork for use in artists’ books. This kind of artwork combines the Cubist use of forms. At the same time, it adopts the Futurists’ passionate loathing of ideas from the past, especially political and artistic traditions, and a love for action and technology. She participated in world-famous art shows, including the ‘Fifth State Exhibition’ & the ‘Tenth State Exhibition’ in 1919, and the ‘5×5 = 25 Exhibition’ in Moscow in 1921.

Many of her works feature figures who she displays as robotic, efficient and dynamic, i.e. new socialist human beings. In one of her most famous works ‘The Billiard Players’ Stepanova depicts mechanical action and emotional states simultaneously.

Even more than her husband’s work, Stepanova’s work in the 1920s epitomized the Russian Avant-Garde. Her constructivism flourished through the mid 1930s. From 1920 to 1925, Varvara taught at the Krupskaia Academy of Social Education.

* direct links to these artwork samples can be found at http://www.eArtfair.com

copyright A. Lee, 2008 – all rights reserved.

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Source by A. Lee

In The Heart Of The Whale (An Attempt to Rob a Mother Of Her Newly Born, 1947)

Based on a True Story

St. Paul, Minnesota is a city along the banks of the rich river called the Mississippi, the river originates, lays sleeping almost in upper Minnesota, and runs the length of the country, downward to St. Louis, and onto New Orleans, and into the Gulf of Mexico, this is where I was born, in the heartland of the Midwest, you could say. It carries a tremendous amount of water, and its tributaries are countless. But this sketch, or story is not about the Mississippi or even myself, all that much, but about a failed attempt, situation, to robe a mother of her infant child, her newly born; the year is 1947, complete date: October seventh, the location: within the city of St. Paul, in the heart of the city, at a well know Hospital, it is early morning, Indian Summer as they say, autumn leaves are all about, mostly the colors of a dim rainbow. The cornfields outside the city are bare, and the air is cool, a woman is brought into the hospital the evening before she will give birth to a living child, she is unwed, living in the poverty area of the city, on a street called Igelheart, her name is Elsie.

“Bring her into the labor room,” says a nurse, “I’ll see to her soon.”

There are several other women in there about to have babies also, one who was having a hard labor the past two days this is going on her third day (she will endure labor for thirty-six hours), her name is Isabella, she smiles at Elsie, quite possible they could have been friends, but it will not work out that way, her child will die in the morning and the nurses will try to obliterate all traces of the stay, change a few things, but I’m getting ahead of my story.

Isabella did talk to Elsie, in broken English, and mostly Polish, she was seventeen years old, spoke little English, and Elsie, was of Russian and Polish roots also, and spoke a little Polish, or at least understood a little, and spoke good English. Many families back then came over from the Baltic area of Europe, to America, especially during and prior to World War One (for there was much famine and the uproot of war seeped throughout the land and it promised to be a long and dreary war, and so forth), and their families (both Isabella and Elsie’s) extended families, were part of this group, this legacy, and in the case of Isabella, they, her family, could hardly speak any English so she became part of this inheritance, as it was for Elsie’s mother and father, and thus this was the case at hand, and when they came into the hospital, there was bilingual Polish nurses to assist if need be.

Elsie was twenty-seven years old at the time, had one son, Michael, he was two years beyond this new birth to be, and she had just started working at ‘Swifts & Co.,’ as a meatpacker, in the bacon department, she’d work there for twenty-two years before they’d close the place down. Her pregnancy and labor was going along fine.

She was unwed (as I had previously mentioned), and had been dating two men at the same time, matter-of-fact, they were both friends of one another, but unaware of this, and of course back in those far-off days, it was considered a deeper sin, should a woman on any one occasion do such a thing, whereas, it was normal for a man to do this on a weekly bases, and of course for the man, he did it without shame, sin, or even an ounce of regret, matter-of-fact, he did it with fireworks, bragged about it at the bars, and got a standing applause from his audience.

Well, the nurse that had Elsie brought into the labor room, gave her history to the rest of the nurses, and without an ounce of information missing, it would suffice to say, she was the talk of the ward, and the unwed mother, now slave to her sins, her reputation was flooding about, no more skeletons in the closet you might say.

Her father was working, a painter and restaurant owner, but a few of her sisters were there present, the rest would come later-there were five living children, out of eight, three had died-two waiting in the waiting room, near the labor room. Elsie had not started dilating yet, no contractions, but Isabella was getting them, had been getting them, and then she’d stop, it was a long ordeal for her, the nurse had told the doctor they may have to considerer an incision, a cesarean to bring the infant out, lest the woman die from child birth, she was exhausted to the point her breathing was dim at best.

Most of what you are hearing, would be silent, or at best, chopping news, if not sporadically given to Elsie’s son, Dennis, some fifty years later down the road of life, which would have been no big thing-for what is not know, how then can it make a big difference, and so it all was and had to be quit down back in 1947, it was priceless information and best for it to be forgotten, on the other hand priceless information seeps out often times does it not, if not directly, by osmosis, and perhaps Isabella would never know the truth of the whole matter, and surely would not have agreed with it I do believe. In any case, she could not even read a word of English, a home-made mama, you might say; but the nurses chose her to inherit the rising new child nevertheless, yet to be born; perhaps the nurses intentions were good, meant to be good, for there was no gain for them per se, in that they wanted the child to have a complete parenthood, no fatherlessness involved for the child, a father and mother made better sense perhaps, and since Elsie already had a child, well, it might be better for her, you know, raising one vs. two, to give up the child, unknowingly give up the child, but again, if you do not know, then you are unaware of the crime in progress, and times were not easy for a man, let alone a woman. And so I repeat myself, perhaps the nurses had these intentions, although unethical for their professions; and at this juncture, let me add the doctor in to this little crime scene developing: least he escape unharmed, and that would be my crime to the nurses.

It was now about 3:00 AM, and they brought Isabella and Elsie into one big room, a divided room only by a moveable cloth divider, the doctor was busy with Isabella, her contractions had worsened, and she was dilated to nine-in other words, about to have the child, her water had busted hours beforehand, and Elsie had dilated to seven, and her water had busted right after Isabella’s. They were both on their way to being mothers. Isabella’s husband was out in the waiting room, with Elsie’s sisters, there were three of them now, Betty, Anne, and Rose, and her brother Wally, the one she did so many things with when she was young, chumming about like Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Indeed, it was time for Isabella to have the child naturally or to have it induced, a trying labor she was having, and she looked it, in that she was pale, dark rims around her eyes, her hair matted like a thorn bush, but she was alive, and the baby was coming out, she was pushing, pushing, pushing, Elsie could hear her cries, as for the child there was no movement in its limbs, the eyelids, nothing at all of the child moved impulsively-it came out quiet, too quiet-dead quiet! But the nurses hushed it up, smiled at Isabella, and scooted off with the baby to another bed.

The nurses looked at one another, the doctor stood silent, one nurse whispered something in his ear (cleaning the baby, spanking it, it making no cry, Elsie noticed the silence, waited for the cry, the cry that never came), and he nodded ‘ok’ to the nurses, and they moved Isabella quickly out of the room into a private room, now Elsie was alone, except for the child in the third bed in the room, and the dead child remained in that bed, behind the curtained divider, and the doctor went over to Elsie, it was now 4:00 AM, not many people on the ward, and those who were, were half asleep, that is, except for the crew in Elsie’s room.

Now Elsie was at nine, and she was pushing, pushing she knew how to do it the second time better, she needed no advise from the nurses, she also knew they didn’t care for unwed mothers, and hence, the child passed through without much trouble. A nurse grabbed the infant as Elsie closed her eyes for a moment, but just a moment, but that was after she saw the child was breathing, what color it was, a few other things-then when she opened them, she waited for the child’s cry that oh so beautiful first cry in life, the cry that says ‘I am here,’ perhaps God himself, put that first cry into the child’s heart when it was surrounded by water inside the womb of the woman, as if in the heart of a whale, protected from all the harms and hindrances of the outside world, it was to be a reminder to the mother the child has arrived alive, so the child was out of the belly of the whole now; the nurse had gone behind the other curtain, exchanged the babies, the live one for the dead one, consequently, to exchange them with the mothers. Elsie saw the nurse’s back end step behind the curtain, screamed, “Where is my baby, bring him here immediately?” she even knew it was a boy.

The nurse now stood silent with both children, one in her hands, the live one, the dead one laying on the bed, wrapped up in a thin white blanket, actually they both looked pretty much like one another, like two same chickens, raw and reddish in color, except one had gotten a bit pale. She put down the live child, picked up the dead one, went out to Elsie, to tell her, her child was stillborn-dead, the nurse stood to the back of the bed, about to make her deadly implication, only to hear the words:

“Bring my child to me now!” demanded Elsie.

“Wait a minute, Elsie, he’s being cleaned up, I, I’ll get him for you in a moment.” Said the nurse, bewildered.

And it was just a moment, when she brought the living child back to her, and Elsie held it tight. It can only be conjectured, to give a solid reason that is, why the nurse turned her heart from one mother back to its original, we will never quite know the true reason of it, at least not in this world anyhow, but I can modestly say, I think the child’s Guardian Angel, was already hard at work, as was Satan’s dark intruding demons. And that my reading friends, is how I came into this world.

Notes on this Story, story based on fact: written 5-28-2008; information gathered over the years from Elsie, and given to her son, and from that this story was constructed, not all details are exact, some conjectures added, that seemed only logical or possible for the time and situation, and where there was no other place to take the story. Isabella is a fictitious name; although the mother did endure having a dead child, and the child was about to be presented to Elsie, Elsie knew the dead one in her arms was dead, horrified the nurse was about to say what she had planned to say, when she went to get the live one, the trauma was over. Of course this happening was hushed up by the hospital, nurses, and even Elsie for almost a half century, today it is not. But she didn’t die, having it untold; and I thank her for her bold actions. It was a time when perhaps such things happened, and justified for a variety of reasons, perhaps under the seal of humanity’s personal God. I do not mention the hospitals name, not that I fear of or for reprisals, it is easy enough to figure out where I was born for the curious reader, but because at 60-years old, I do not care to point fingers, I just hope they have more ethical nurses there now.

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

Long-Distance Cross-Culture Relationship Advice

Lindsey and Juo met while Lindsey was studying abroad at Ewah Woman’s University in Seoul, South Korea back in 2015. She was there to study for a full year when out of nowhere Juo sent her a message on Instagram. Lindsey was hesitant at first but decided it would be a great way to make a friend in Korea. After a few times of casual friend dates, Juo asked Lindsey to be his girlfriend on his birthday in November or 2015. Since Lindsey returned to the US in June 2016, they have been in a long-distance relationship with Lindsey living in Florida and Juo living in South Korea. They get to see each other every 4 months for 2 months at a time. Giving their full effort in the relationship and using the distance to make their hearts grow fonder. Lindsey and Juo will both graduate from college this December and Lindsey plans on moving back to Korea in July of 2018 after applying to be an English teacher there.

Questions to Her

On Our first date…

I honestly kept thinking of all the things that could happen… with the worst-case scenario being a scene straight out of the movie “Taken”. He made the journey to my campus and waited patiently for me with flowers and heartfelt letter in hand. We grabbed lunch, tried to talk- but the nerves got the best of us, and then we went shopping for a winter coat since I had no idea how to prepare for the winter after spending my entire life in Florida.

During the first months of dating my deal-breaker would be…

any sort of lying. If you are not truthful in the early stages of our relationship, that is means for instability later on. The other (silly) thing for me would be eating with your mouth open… that has always just been a pet peeve of mine.

I learned He is right for me when…

He told me that he would always take care of me and that no matter how long it takes he’ll wait for the day that we can be together. His dedication sealed the deal.

I had culture shock moment when…

we decided to wear a couple outfit for the first time! In America, it’s not popular for couples to show off each other like that by wearing matching clothes, so when we did it I thought it was so interesting but I LOVED it at the same time. Now, I feel like Juo and I are matching some part of our outfits more often than not and we both enjoy that!

3 things I love about Him are…

the way he cares about me. He always asks me if I have eaten or how my sleep was. He offers me his coat when its cold or his shoulder when I’m feeling tired. For example, we were going home on the subway one night after a long day and Juo had taken the moment to use his jacket to cover my legs so I could sit comfortably in my skirt while resting my head on his shoulder.

Second thing is that he understands me. He takes the time to listen and hear what I’m saying. He’ll listen to me vent and then tell me everything’s OK and to let it go. He doesn’t let our language difference stand in the way. If he needs more explaining he’ll ask and does not ever say never mind or give up and to me that’s important.

Third, he gives his all to our relationship. He always thinks about our future and openly talks about it. He is comfortable around me and shows me his love continuously. There has never been a moment where I couldn’t feel his true mind or intentions. For example, one recent topic we have been stuck on is the idea of adopting a dog or cat when I move to Korea. It might seem like a simple topic but it really is planning a part of our future and wanting to grow together.

The biggest misconception about his country and culture was…

the idea that Korean guys in Korea would never see a relationship with a foreigner as a real one. I was always told to be cautious and that they may only see you as an easy target or a fun experience to brag to their friends about.

The most beautiful things he ever did for me was…

Make a personalized photo book of all of our memories from our first year together. As a one-year gift to me, Juo created a huge book filled with picture after picture of all of the things we had done together. He had dates written on all the pages and little captions for each photo. I couldn’t believe he had made something like that and to me, it was the most special thing I have ever received because I could see all the time and love he had put into it. It is something I will cherish forever.

Second thing was that he proudly waited for me at the airport with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever seen and we both fought back tears as we hugged each other for the first time in months. Seeing the love of your life standing there waiting for you with the biggest smile on their face is one of the best moments anyone in a long distance relationship can experience. Those moments are priceless.

During this relationship, the most important thing I learned about myself was…

that I can be patient and I can say that I learned what it meant to show love in ways beyond physical actions. Love can be seen in the words you say to each other and the effort you give every day. I know distance is only an issue in a relationship if you make it one. I have become such a patient person and I now understand that waiting is only part of our journey. Juo and I are in this for the long run and if it means waiting months on end then so be it. Honestly, it was a skill that I lacked in the past but this relationship has changed that.

If there is a piece of advice I could give to my fellow Western girlfriends who are into the AMWF relationships that would be…

to be yourself without limitations. There is never a limit on how much you can learn about another person’s culture. There is never a limit on becoming a better version of yourself without changing who you are. Finally, there will never be a limit on who you find love and a connection with. Know it’s OK to embrace those with different races, ethnicities, religions, and cultures because no one says you have to find love within someone or something familiar.

Questions to Him

Asking her out for the first time was…

exciting. I saw her for the first time on Instagram and thought she was so beautiful so I had to send her a message. After talking together for a while I couldn’t wait to meet her in person so, I just got my courage together and asked!

I learned She is right for me when…

She told me she would love me forever. Some people think that’s easy to say but to me, that is something so special because I can really feel her mind. Also, she always knows how to surprise me. For example, she would send me letters in the mail without reason and fill them with our photos. She always writes me a sweet message inside too.

I had culture shock when…

she told me there was not really a public transport system in Florida. She said there was no subway or big bus system and I was shocked! After I visited her in Florida for the first time I understood later that most people used cars so there was no need for public transport.

3 things I love about her are

She loves me unconditionally. I’ve never felt this kind of love before and it makes me feel special. No matter what, I know she’ll be by my side and I’ll absolutely do the same for her.

She’s always thinking about me. Recently she told me that whenever she is talking about me or thinking about me she’ll touch our couple ring that we wear. I feel like we share our feelings. If I’m happy I can share that happiness with her. If she’s sad I can understand her sadness and do my best to make her happy. She understands me, she makes me happy, she’s beautiful… how can I not love her? Sometimes I still can’t believe she is my girlfriend!

The biggest misconception about her country and culture was…

that I thought their eating habits would be similar to the ones I saw in movies and TV shows. I thought when I went to America I would see everyone eating fast food or frozen dinners every day, but that wasn’t true. I will say I do think eating out is definitely more popular there than in Korea but it is not what the movies make it seem like.

The things that She likes to do for fun with me…

are traveling and talking! We are obsessed with traveling and making memories across the globe. Every time we are together we always plan a trip. Our first trip together was to Tokyo, Japan in 2016! These days we are already planning our next trip for when I go to visit her in the US. With her, there is never a dull moment. Whenever we video chat or call or message we are always laughing about something or making each other smile.

During this relationship the most important thing I learned about myself was…

the need to understand. After being with Lindsey for almost 2 years, I have become better at understanding and listening. Even though she is American and I am Korean I realized that doesn’t play a role in our ability to understand each other. I feel like we know each other better because we both are interested in each other’s culture.

If there is a piece of advice I could give to my fellow Asian friends who are into the AMWF relationships that would be…

that if you are in long-distance now or would like to have a relationship with someone from a different country in the future I will just tell you not to give up! If you guys can’t stay together now, you have to show all your love and feelings for that person. Talk about your future. Get to know where you both want to be in the future and plan for that. It will keep you both excited and sets a goal for you all to reach.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Anna Reco

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