An Interview With Mattias Adolfsson – Illustrator

Swedish Illustrator, Mattias Adolfsson has kindly allowed us to show some of his impressive work from a series called ‘architecture.’ Adolfsson’s unique style is largely imaginative (though he does traditional works as well) and has the ability to stir memories and emotions like something straight out of a childhood dream. His sketches explore the bizarre and the dreamlike in a beautiful, intricate cartoonish way, infused with care and precision. Adolfsson can also boast one of the most popular sketch blogs on the net and has travelled the world with his work – His last exhibit in downtown Melbourne!

Thanks for agreeing to this interview Mattias, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Mattias Adolfsson I’m a 43 year old Illustrator living in a town called Sigtuna just outside of Stockholm Sweden. I moved here a year ago after living in Gothenburg for 18 years.

At what age did you begin illustrating? And when did it become a profession?

I’ve been Illustrating almost all my life but didn’t take it up as a professions until last year (the same time as I left Gothenburg. I’ve been working with computer games and 3D animation ever since I took my Masters at fine Design.

What people (artist or otherwise), places or things inspire you?

There is a lot of wonderful artists out there, but I tend to try not to be too much inspired by other artists (that takes away parts of the enjoyment in watching them). I get a lot of inspiration while moving about, walking or running, while reading or listening to music.

Are you professionally trained or were you self taught?

I majored in graphic design, in that education there was some tutoring in Illustration but not very much. Most of my drawing skills are self taught, that goes for my skills in 3d Animation as well.

What are your most used ‘tools of the trade’ (i.e markers, pens, etc)

I draw with a fountain pen (a namiki Falcon) and use watercolors for coloring, To be frank this is what I always use.

What are you working on at the moment?

I just started a course in comic creations, I have to start doing much more print. Apart from that I’m working on some children’s books projects and some freelance commission stuff

I’m particularly interested in your ‘architecture’ pieces, what inspired these?

Prior to studying Graphic design I went to an Architecture school (for two years). I always loved classic buildings and have been drawing them since starting studying.

What are your other interests beside art?

I’m very interested in Science, technology and history as part from music and films.

What’s the best and worst parts of being a full time, working artist?

The worst thing of course is the unsecurity and uneven cash flow at times. The best is the freedom, the ability to steer your own time.

Any advice to up and coming artists?

Make the most of your time at art school and take all possibilities you can take to spend some of it abroad (if possible). I often feel I didn’t make the most of my time studying.

Thanks Mattias for taking the time out to answer our questions- It’s much appreciated and an inspiration to us all!

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Source by Henry Stephen McKenzie

Areas of Enterprise in Leatherwork

Leatherwork as a field of the visual arts has numerous viable enterprises. These enterprises offer several career opportunities to many people in the Ghanaian community. Students of leatherwork with their practical expertise can set up their own small-scale industries to cater for themselves and their families and more importantly even employ other persons. These areas of enterprises in leatherwork do not require huge capital for one to establish an enterprise. In fact, an individual can start the business right from his house with a small table and some few hand tools and materials. Let us use this unit to highlight some of these areas of enterprises in leatherwork.

Some of the areas of enterprises in leatherwork are:

1. Tanning

2. Upholstering

3. Designing and making leather items

4. Trading leather items

1. Tanning-

This area of enterprise deals with the production of leather as a material. It is responsible for the processing of hides and skins into leather. The leather artist can set up his own tannery as an enterprise where he would operate. Setting up a tannery though quite demanding, generates a lot of income. The artist should think seriously about the location, capital and labor force since these factors will largely affect the success or failure of his tannery enterprise.

2. Upholstering-

This sector of leatherwork concerns itself with the production of suitable furnishes for homes, offices, and more especially automobiles. It is a very wide area that provides several job avenues for leather craftsmen. They produce furniture, foot and arm rests, table mats, car seating, floral vases for decoration etc. With careful planning, this enterprise booms a lot of income for the leather craftsman.

3. Designing And Making Of Leather Items-

This area of enterprise deals with the production of products in leather. It embraces its designing as well as actual productions of the items. This duo-enterprise is a big income generating venture. The leather craftsman may even choose to operate in one of them for each of them promises financial prosperity.

The advancement in technology has opened a new form of designing of products in leather on the computer using art software programs such as CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Rhino, etc. A leather craftsman who is skilled in the use of any of these programs can make a living from it. Before products such as bags, shoes, slippers, furniture and others are produced, the preliminary designs are made by experts in this area of enterprise. The actual producers of these products also earn a lot of income. There are even specialties in the production of these items such as shoe producers, bag producers, furniture producers, belt producers etc.

4. Trading In Leather Items-

This aspect of leatherwork offers employment to several people whether or not they know much about leatherwork. They trade or offer leather products for sale. Most of the leather traders sell the leather items locally, especially in ‘hot’ or thriving market centers in the country whilst others export the leather products outside the country to earn foreign currencies.

To be effective in this enterprise, the trader in leatherwork has to be versed in costing, pricing, and marketing. He should be able to know which leather products to sell, where to sell them, how to sell them and when to sell them. Armed with this knowledge, he is set on the road to success in this enterprise.

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Source by Dickson Adom

Is Running A Painting Business Seasonal?

I was just eavesdropping in on someone’s conversation this morning who just started their own painting business but complains that it is a bit slow. Someone else remarked saying that “they didn’t want to burst their bubble but painting is seasonal”.

Well, I WOULD like to burst that guy’s bubble and say, “No, painting is not seasonal. Only the type of painting you do can be classified as seasonal”. Yes, EXTERIOR painting is seasonal from spring until fall unless of course you live in a warmer climate.

But other types of painting like faux painting, mural painting, interior painting for residential, commercial and industrial are year round markets you can stay busy in.

As a matter of fact, when I first started my painting business, it was in the early fall. I found residential work all the way through the winter – even the toughest part, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not too bad I guess for my first year starting out.

Look at it this way, if running a painting business was seasonal then all painting companies (big, medium-size and smaller ones) would only be able to work half the year. Paint stores might as well shut down for the winter as well. Even window washing isn’t seasonal no matter how cold it gets.

If you don’t want to do interior painting and just want to be an exterior house painter then yeah, it’s seasonal. You just need to find a winter service like snow plowing or something. But if you want work all year long there is plenty of it.

If you are serious about operating a successful, painting business that stays busy year round, you are going to need to know how to run the business end of it successfully as well as the painting end. Having a business partner for this could be an advantage for you.

Two important secrets to running a successful painting business are advertising and doing accurate estimates. Get these two things right and the rest of it pretty much falls in place.

Some companies focus more on doing commercial and industrial painting and some specialize more in the residential and smaller commercial painting markets.

Once you decide if you are going to want or need a reliable business partner, employees and which painting markets you want to capture, you can then focus on your marketing better.

I read about one large painting contractor in the Chicago area that decided to focus on the commercial and industrial painting markets. He found out quickly that these two markets have deep pockets.

Of course with this type of painting you will have to buy some serious painting equipment. And you will need an experienced crew that is used to commercial and industrial painting.

Is this type of painting seasonal? They might slow a down a bit during the winter but then again there is plenty of large interior projects all year round. If anything were seasonable about the painting trade it would only be because of exterior painting in colder climates, not staying busy or the money.

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Source by Lee Cusano

Pavers and Patios: Improving Your Home

Improving your home’s image is easy when you choose to enhance your pavers and patio. The outside of your home is the first impression that you are going to make on your guests. If the pavers and patio need a little bit of TLC, you can upgrade them with fantastic designs.

You can afford to be creative with your pavers and your patio. There are a number of different pavers to choose from that can not only enhance your current patio, but also your driveway. You can transport your home to a Spanish city or to an Italian town effortlessly with the pavers that you choose to install. Instead of sticking to the boring red bricks and straight driveway, why not consider improving your home with a creative design?

Your patio not only needs to be a sturdy structure, but it also needs to provide you with enough space. The patio is where you and your family can enjoy quality time together and create fantastic memories. For this reason, it needs to be a place where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view of your garden. You can improve your patio not only by extending it so that you have more space, but also making it aesthetically pleasing. When repaving, consider creating a spiral design. This spiral can be created in two different coloured pavers so that it gives your patio some dimension. If done correctly, your patio could resemble that of a maze, or the bricks from the Wizard of Oz that the whole family will absolutely adore!

If you want to enjoy a simpler patio, choose one dominant paver for the design. One of the most popular pavers is the sand stone paver. This paver is aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable. When it comes to repaving your outdoor areas, you need to take the weather into consideration. It is all well and good improving your home aesthetically, but you also need to make sure that the improvements will be able to stand the test of time. Your home is an investment and you need to be able to maintain it properly. Pavers have been designed to be weather resistant, but some are better than others. When making the decision with regard to which paver to use, make sure that you get some advice from the professionals so that you are able to purchase the right paver for YOUR patio.

Improving your home can take some time. Due to this fact, repaving your patio or driveway is best done during the drier seasons. That way, the company that you choose to hire to do the work will be able to get the job done as quickly as possible. As soon as your new patio is installed, you can begin to enjoy quality family time in the garden!

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Source by Kenneth Nel

Tips to Revamp Your Vertical Blinds For the Modern Look

Vertical blinds are very convenient to use and fashionable as well. Many a times it happens that you do get bored with same color and fabric of your blind and you want to upgrade it to something new. Fashion is ever changing and it is important that you also update the fashion statement of your house. The best way to upgrade your vertical blinds would be to refurbish the blind fabric.

There are many ways in which you can refurbish your vertical blinds. It is best that you opt for fabric as your material for vertical blinds as whenever you want you can change the fabric of the blind. While you pick the fabric it is important that you choose one which compliments the interiors of your room. The color of your room, furniture’s and carpet are very important factors to consider while you pick your fabric. You can always opt for fabrics that all the furnishing shops sell you can get variety of fabrics in different materials and colors which you can pick according to your need and preferences. These fabrics can be found in various price ranges. If you want to go for the absolute inexpensive way then the best thing would be if you buy plain cloth and get it dyed in to your choice of color. Dying in not only an inexpensive way but also you has a wide variety of option in terms of numerous shades. Yet another tip is that no matter what fabric you use you should always starch them. Starched fabrics not only are dirt resistant but also give stiffness to the material.

It is also advisable that you pre-shrink the fabric by dipping it in water and salt solution. There are many fabrics which tend to shrink after you wash them and if that becomes the case then your blinds will absolutely look out of shape and also wouldn’t be effective in blocking the sunrays. Cleaning a vertical blind is very vital hence use a fabric that can be cleaned easily. To completely over-haul the appearance of the blind you can add nice laces and sequins to the fabric. This will not only give a different look but also be very fashionable. There are wide array of sequin stones that are available and you can paste them on your fabric along with matching laces. Another interesting idea would be to paste good quality wallpaper of your choice on the vanes of the vertical blinds. These wallpapers would add an element of drama and style to your vertical blinds.

Yet another inexpensive way to restyle your vertical blinds would be to spray paint them. You need not be an artist to do spray painting but all you need is an eye for beauty. There are various kinds of spray brushes and cans are available that you can use according to your convenience. You can just flip an airbrush and create your modern art on the vanes of the blinds. In case you have an artistic bent of mind you can also draw various motifs and landscapes. Let your imagination flow and upgrade your vertical blinds in your own style.

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Source by Riky Martin

Best Tourist Attractions That You Must See on Your Visit to Akron

Akron is among the largest cities in the state of Ohio. The city has a range of tourist attractions that keep inviting people from all over the world to this city. From world-class art to quirky museums, Akron features a lot of fun sites. While Akron in the United States is a not-so-popular tourist destination, you can plan a trip to the city to explore something interesting. Make Spirit Airlines reservations to Akron at cheap rates. On visiting Akron, you must not forget to explore these top tourist spots in the city. Take a look!

Top 5 tourist attractions in Akron

1. Akron Zoo

The Akron Zoo offers more than 35 acres of habitats. On visiting the zoo, you can view more than 1000 animals. The animals represent over 100 different species. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city which receives more than 400,000 visitors annually. The animals belong to the different regions of the world. Visit the zoo to come nose-to-nose with certain endangered species of animals such as Humboldt Penguins, Sumatran Tigers, Snow Leopards, Jaguars, Red Pandas, Komodo Dragons, and many more.

2. Kent State University Museum

If you are an art lover, you must pay a visit to Kent State University Museum. This place features all kinds of art with a huge range of genres under one roof, including furniture, paintings, textiles, glassware, and decorative pieces. The museum has static and rotating exhibitions. The art pieces range from the 18th century until the modern-day. To witness a fascinating collection of artistic works from different places and times, spend a day exploring Kent State Museum in Akron.

3. Brandywine Falls

It is the most attractive waterfall in the state of Ohio. It is a 60-65ft year-round waterfall on Brandywine Creek. If you are a fan of outdoor adventures, you can choose to trek to the falls and enjoy the scenery. The pools here are famous in the springtime, serving as the breeding ground for indigenous salamanders.

4. Akron Art Museum

The Akron Art Museum showcases regional, national, and international art created since 1850. The museum features over 5,000 objects. You can find paintings, sculptures, glass, photography, and designs made by contemporary artists. Besides arts, the museum entertains its audiences through dynamic programs including films, videos, workshops, and artist talks.

Blossom Music Center

You can listen to Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom Music Center. It is known for being one of the most picturesque performance spaces in the United States of America. On visiting this place, you can enjoy classics like Mozart and Beethoven, mixed with unusual pieces like a Led Zeppelin Symphony.

In the summer months, the center screens films which you can view with an accompaniment from the orchestra. If the orchestra is not happening, you can come across some pop concert happening at the venue. So, visit Akron to pay a visit to all the fabulous, above-mentioned tourist attractions.

Book tickets to Akron through Spirit Airlines. To make flight reservations, call on Spirit Airlines phone number. Connect to a representative, and make your bookings hassle-free.

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Source by Jack T Parker

A Brief History of Pop Art in Britain and America

After the Second World War there followed a huge transitional period across Europe and the United States. Major reconstruction was the order of the day across Europe and, slowly, an increasing prosperity and abundance was enjoyed by the populous in these territories. It was the dawn of a new era, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that the emerging “consumer” society gave rise to a demand in goods that were simply unobtainable until then.

British pop art can trace its roots back to the mid 1950s. A small independent group comprising notable artists at that time together with critics in the art world put together an exhibition which was held at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1956. This exhibition was a focus on the topic of cheap consumer products and the role that they played in modern life. Although it didn’t seem like it then, the exhibition was a major step forward in the art world and a huge departure from what had gone before it. The erstwhile critic, Lawrence Alloway (1926-1992) hailed it as the birth of something new and in 1958 he christened this distinctive style of art as “Pop Art”.

Key figures in the British pop art scene that followed were Richard Hamilton (b. 1922) whose work depicted cars, pin-up models and electric appliances, amongst others. Peter Blake (b. 1932), on the other hand, concentrated on comic strips and pop singers while the magazine collector Eduardo Paolozzi (b. 1924) produced impressive collage prints by recycling and integrating old advertisement material with comic-strip images.

As for the US, during the 1950s the art world was dominated by “Abstract Expressionism”. It was until the early 1960s when art critics and American artists alike began to embrace Pop Art and give this new style of art their own inimitable American “take”. In 1962, an exhibition entitled “New Realists” was held at the Sidney Janis Gallery in New York. This was ground-breaking in America, not least because the exhibition featured work from artists including Andy Warhol (1928-1987), Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997), Claes Oldenburg (b. 1929), Jim Dine (b. 1935) and James Rosenquist (b. 1933). Of these, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Oldenburg went on to become key figures on the pop art world. Warhol became a household name.

Indeed, Warhol’s fame elevated in 1962 after his “Campbell’s Soup Cans” work was produced and featured in separate works – firstly as individual “cans” and then the same cans aligned in immaculate rows. Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy, possibly the biggest 60s female icons at the time, were also given the “Warhol treatment” in which he silk screened their images, altered the colours and reproduced them in repeated patterns.

Roy Lichtenstein was very much a “comic-strip” artist and produced masses of works using imagery from comics. Starting out in 1960, he painted vastly-inflated images of comic-strip frames formed from the dots of colour newsprint. During the same year, Oldenburg set about carving his own niche in the pop art world, creating large, painted plaster sculptures of sandwiches and cakes! These were soon followed by huge plastic appliances that were softened to allow them to give a distinctive “droop”. All of it was designed explore the nature of “consumer culture” that was sweeping the nations on both sides of the Atlantic.

With mass consumer commercialism on the rise at an alarming pace (and seemingly with no end in sight) “Pop Art” remains very much alive and is perhaps even more poignant and thought-provoking today as it was even in the mid twentieth century.

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Source by Sam Tennyson

Pencil Drawing As A Pastime

We all need to be able to give our minds a rest sometimes. This is not as easy as it sounds. However, I have the answer for you. Your mind can be put at rest and refreshed, not only by resting, but by using other parts of the mind. It’s not enough to switch off the lights that are on the main part of your mind, a new part must be lit.

It’s no use saying you will lie down and think of nothing. The mind keeps busy just the same. It is only when new cells are stimulated that you will find relief. Choose your pastime wisely and just choose one. Concentrate upon that one.

Drawing is a companion to be enjoyed. Drawing is a friend who makes no undue demands, it can excite you and it keeps pace even when you take little steps. Artists are happy people. Light, color and peace keep them company to the end of the day. To find yourself a new and intense form of interest, is an enriching experience.

I don’t pretend to explain how to draw, but only how to get enjoyment. Even after the age of forty. It would be a shame if you waste your life, wondering what to do, when all the time, there is a new world of art waiting for you. If you start this pastime later in your life, don’t expect too much from yourself. You probably won’t create a masterpiece. You won’t have the advantage of years of training. Don’t give up though, some artists have become famous later in their lives. You could be one of them!

The only thing you really need, is to be bold and adventurous. Don’t let a piece of clean white paper deter you. Experiment. Break the spell of staring at that piece of blank paper. Just remember, you can erase it all away. Drawing is great fun. Try it. It can take a tired mind and turn it into a very productive mind. Pencil drawing completely absorbs the mind. I can’t think of anything outside of the world of art that would compare with it.

To cultivate a new interest is of great importance to any person. We all need escape from the pressures of day to day living. It is an amazing thing to see a group of artists copying the same picture and to see all the different interpretations each artist makes of that picture. You are unique and you can bring your own creativity to the world.

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Source by Kerry Godsall

Story Monster Ink Author & Illustrator Spotlight ~ Angel’s Forever Home

Story Monster Ink recently had the opportunity to chat with the authors/illustrator team behind Angel’s Forever Home (Mascot Books), a true story about a dog who was rescued from a Chilean earthquake, and searches for his forever home. Facing his fear of rejection for not being like other dogs, he embarks on a journey that teaches him the importance of patience, courage, and the willingness to open his heart to others.

Visit with the Rita Gigante, Bobbie Sterchele-Gigante, Donna McDine and Renie De Mase to read their interview and to get to know them better at Story Monster Ink. The team enjoys interacting with readers and welcomes the opportunity for visitors to leave comments and/or questions so they may have the chance to get to know you as well.

What readers are saying:

I bought Angel’s Forever Home for a friend’s children a couple of weeks ago. What a perfectly wonderful story: a dog whose leg is hurt in a Chilean earthquake travels all the way to the U.S. in search of a family. There’s a surprise twist in the plot when Angel succeeds. Reading it teared me up. A kids’ book. Simple. Profound. Amazing. Kudos to our own local celeb authors Rita Gigante, Bobbie Sterchele-Gigante, Donna McDine and local artist Renie Conklin De Mase. ~ Reviewed by Lorraine Ash, author – Self and Soul: On Creating a Meaningful Life

Angel’s Forever Home is a heartwarming story about finding love. Angel is such a lovable and relatable character; he has a great voice! It’s the kind of story from which we can learn many lessons. I look forward to reading this book again and again. I know my children will love it, too! ~ Reviewed by Mary Driscoll, elementary school teacher and blogger at Stay at Home Fit

Angel’s Forever Home is a great children’s and adult book! The story line has great lessons within it and the artwork is beautiful. The underlying lesson of appreciating life is for all to enjoy. ~ Reviewed by Shilamida Kupershteyn, best-selling author – 31 Days of Gratitude Create the Life You Desire

Angel’s Forever Home is a heart-warming tale of hope, courage, love and comfort as a rescue dog named Angel waits patiently to find his home after an earthquake in Chile leaves him injured. The authors of this sweet story beautifully capture Angel’s voice and make him so relatable one can’t help but root for him and hope he finds a home as special as he. The kindness shown to Angel tugs at one’s heartstrings, especially in appreciation of rescue animals everywhere and those giving them their “forever homes.” Ms. De Mase’s beautifully detailed and soft illustrations bring Angel and his story to life. A must read for children and adults alike! ~ Reviewed by Karin Larson, speech pathologist and children’s author – Bedtime Kisses

Read the complete interview at:

Book Information:

Title: Angel’s Forever Home

Authors: Rita Gigante and Bobbie Sterchele-Gigante

Co-author: Donna McDine

Illustrator: Renie De Mase

Genre: Children

ISBN: 978-1-64307-11-3

Publication Date: March 2019

Pages: 32

Price: $14.95 hard cover

Publisher: Mascot Books

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Source by Donna M. Mcdine

Painting Contractor – Different Types of Contractors For Every Need

Nowadays, painting is very important to every property because they would increase the value of the house. At the same time, the property would to look more beautiful. Just imagine a majestic place without any paint. Doesn’t it look very dull? This is the reason why paints are used for properties.

And for people who would need painting services, it is better if they would hire a painting contractor to paint their properties. The reason for this is that they are experts when it in painting these properties so they can do the job properly and at the fastest time possible.

In the world of painting, you will find two kinds of painting contractors. The first is for the residential while the other is for the commercial establishments.

House Painters

These are the contractors that would paint residential areas. In this way, the house will look its best because of the how it was painted by the house painters. They can do house painting not only for the interior part of the house but of course on its exterior.

Commercial Painting Contractor

These are the contractors that can paint big establishments. May these be offices or malls, they can do perfect interior painting inside the establishment. Of course, they also have the needed contraption in order to pain the outdoor part of the establishments.

The good thing about the contractors is that they can paint a property at a speedy manner because of the fact that they know the right way of preparing the property for painting. At the same time, they can paint with less or no mistakes at all. This means that they will finish the painting in no time as they do not experience any problems during the tasks.

If you are looking for the perfect painting contract for your home, you can just start looking online and you will see all the contractors available within your area. With all the companies to choose from, you have the chance to compare their prices in order to get the cheapest one possible for your budget and the service that you need.

Painting is very important to properties in order to make the look very beautiful. And if you will need their services for your house, you will find a lot of companies that are willing to extend their services to you and can even help you in choosing the color that you may want for your home.

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Source by Aaron O’Hanlon

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